Xtra Mile Goes Further as a HubSpot Partner and Boosts Revenue by 20%

By 2016, Xtra Mile was already using an inbound methodology to help its clients in the IT, high-tech and medical sectors to attract and retain customers. However, it was using a collection of point solutions that weren’t working well together. It needed a way to integrate its activities and prove their ROI – an all-in-one marketing automation platform seemed like the perfect solution. Xtra Mile joined the HubSpot Partner Program, and in just 10 months, the benefits have been outstanding.


Increase in revenue


Of leads from inbound


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Xtra Mile Team


Xtra Mile is a B2B lifecycle-marketing agency that operates in Israel, Europe and the United States. With years of experience working with leading companies in the high-tech, IT and medical sectors, Xtra Mile helps businesses increase customer lifetime value while dramatically reducing customer acquisition cost.

A Simple Solution for Supercharged Inbound

Founded in 2007, B2B marketing agency Xtra Mile helps its clients with every stage of the marketing lifecycle, from customer acquisition right through to retention. By 2016, it had become a proponent of the inbound methodology, which fitted in neatly with its holistic approach. However, the various point solutions that it was using were clipping its wings, says co-CEO and founder Erez Raz.

“A few years ago, we realised just how crucial the online nurturing process was – the challenge was to get it done in an effective, cohesive way. We were using software solutions like MailChimp, Google Analytics and Moz, but were frustrated by how we couldn’t link them up together. We wanted to control all of our inbound initiatives from one central location and then prove their ROI to our clients.”

An all-in-one marketing automation platform was the obvious way forward, and Xtra Mile did its due diligence on the partner programs offered by number of marketing automation platforms. It was looking for software that is easy to use and powerful, and it also examined each company’s culture and pricing structure.

“HubSpot stood above the rest in all these areas, it  was plug and play, which we knew would make our lives a lot easier.”

What cinched the deal was the support that the HubSpot Partner Program provided, explains Erez. “The guidance and training on offer was really attractive to us; we saw that HubSpot was offering a clear route to growth, both for ourselves and our clients. We signed up in September 2016.”

"The HubSpot software was easy to use, and we knew it would be a big selling point for potential clients."

Erez Raz

Co-CEO and Founder

Xtra Mile

Taking Clients Further with the HubSpot Software

Xtra Mile uses the HubSpot software on its own website, which is now filled with Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action and Forms, which are all designed to move leads further down the funnel. It has a library of content, including ebooks, guides and whitepapers, and each piece fulfils a role.

“Our personas are quite complex – we target companies in many different industries and further break them down into startups, SMBs and large enterprises. We can now make sure that we address their different needs and enroll them in Workflows that are relevant and engaging.”

The agency is also educating its prospects about the power of integrated inbound. “Many of them have heard about marketing automation, but they are unsure how to implement it,” says Erez. “They know that it’s important, but they’re not exactly sure how it will contribute to their business or their campaign management. That’s where we can leverage the HubSpot software to its best advantage. We can get all their activities working as a well-oiled machine, and then prove that they are getting a good return on their investment with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard.”

"We’re using the HubSpot software and inbound methodology to grow our business and help our clients become more successful."

- Erez Raz

A Quick Path to Results

In just ten months as a HubSpot Partner, Xtra Mile has achieved some great results. Its website traffic has increased by 15%, leads are up by 10%, and revenue has risen by a substantial 20%.

“The difference for us has been the quality of the leads that we are attracting. Before partnering with HubSpot, we would collect people’s details, but it would turn out that they weren’t in the right industry or they had no budget for marketing. Today, they are filtered and nurtured, and when we get in touch, they are ready to have a real conversation.”

Xtra Mile now gets 50% of its leads through inbound. 65% of its clients are on retainer contracts, and it has become a Gold Tier Partner. The agency has also opened up a whole new line of business – onboarding clients to the HubSpot software.

“We learned so much during our own onboarding and that of our contract clients that we realised that this was a service that we could provide on a standalone basis. Now we’re helping companies around the world to get set up with the HubSpot Marketing Platform.”

The inbound methodology is paying off for Xtra Mile’s clients as well, says Erez. “They tell us what their goals are, and we use the HubSpot software to help them achieve them. For example, one client runs webinars on how to negotiate licensing agreements with Microsoft. Within just a couple of months, we increased webinar participation by 100%. Another customer sells a software solution to power companies around the world. They have a long sales cycle, so they aren’t that interested in increasing traffic. They want qualified, quality leads, so that’s what we concentrate on.”

"If you want to fully embrace the inbound methodology, then you need to consider the HubSpot Partner Program. It provides you with the software, framework and support to be successful."

- Erez Raz

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