Australian Digital Agency You & Co. Increases Average Retainer Size 3x with Inbound Marketing

You & Co. offered a menu of digital marketing services to their clients, in the realm of SEO, PPC and design projects. They wanted to move to a more sustainable retainer model, where they were selling clients on the business value of their marketing expertise and a full-funnel approach. They worked with HubSpot to adopt inbound marketing as a core service offering, and have been able to land more retainers, deeper engagement and quadruple their agency size.


Increase in average retainer size


Growth in team size


Number of cities work has expanded into

You & Co. Team


You & Co is a digital marketing agency based in Sydney and Brisbane. They help business owners and marketing teams attract and convert more of their ideal customers online. With rolled sleeves and a problem solving attitude You & Co has a simple motto of 'be conscious - give meaning'. They live and breathe inbound marketing. Whether it's building an inbound centric website or crafting a piece of content tailored specifically to the needs of the prospect.

One-Off Work Made Predictable Growth Impossible

You&Co. was at most a 2-man digital agency. They offered a slew of services -- mostly what their prospects were educated in. This menu of services fell into the “acronym trap” -- SEO, PPC -- mainly top of the funnel and social media work, in addition to whatever they thought their prospects thought they needed. When first getting started, You & Co. would find a way to complete any work, always saying “yes” to one-off requests and projects - as most small businesses do.

Working with these clients across multiple projects built trust in the You & Co team and the business started to provide results in niche areas - without a high level or umbrella view of their marketing efforts. They aimed to move to a model where they offered inbound services to increase the touches with clients and move to offer retainer-based inbound solutions.

"We’re reaching a deeper level of engagement with clients and landing more retainers."

Andy Twomey


You & Co.

Re-defining Their Services and Verticals for Higher Value Engagements

Working with their Channel Account Manager at HubSpot, and deciding to go all-in on inbound, You & Co. began their trajectory of success. They refined their verticals based on the services their audience needed, and that would attract clients who were a good fit for a complete inbound approach. They stripped back their services so they were no longer offering just PPC or SEO services, but rather focused around areas of sales and marketing improvement for businesses as a whole, that lend themselves to ongoing services -- such as inbound marketing, content creation and marketing automation.

Instead of saying “yes” to whatever a client needs, they’ve begun saying “no” to clients that only want PPC or only want an email campaign, and only focus instead on attracting and servicing clients that understand the need for a full-funnel approach.

By streamlining their business, their services present very differently today. They are clearer on their value proposition both on their website and in their sales process, so they are having higher quality conversations with prospects from the onset, and are able to provide more value based on the full-funnel nature of their services. Instead of running an overhaul project around SEO, or launching a social media campaign, You & Co. has built out additional retainer services that drive ongoing, tangible results around leads generated, lead nurturing and new customers.

Owner Andy Twomey explains, Being able to partner and support our clients via HubSpot allows us the window to host conversations around meaningful metrics and a full view of their sales and marketing pipeline. A total game changer in how we tailor, fuel and drive our clients marketing activity which in turns allows our team to become truly assimilated with their campaigns.

Using HubSpot’s complete all-in-one marketing system, You & Co. has the ability to show clients how their marketing efforts tie back to new leads and customers. With this new depth of ROI reporting that they can deliver to clients, You & Co. can now justify larger client spend around their most valuable services. “It’s given us the ability to focus on the services we’re best at, focus on clients we can help the most, and allows us to execute with repeatable success for our clients.

The HubSpot COS (Website Platform) has also provided healthy opportunity for our team to start practicing Growth Driven Design and be very much at the helm of our clients complete inbound solution.”

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"We align exclusively now with HubSpot customers and for that our business has thrived."

- Andy Twomey

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