HR Software Start-Up Boosts Sales and Increases Organic Traffic 250% with HubSpot

YouEarnedIt is a flexible employee engagement software platform to recognize people, foster happiness at work, and reward employees for being great. As a rapidly growing start-up, they looked to HubSpot to help provide the guidance, training and tools needed to build awareness, drive more traffic to their website and build a lead generation machine.


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About YouEarnedIt

YouEarnedIt is an award-winning employee engagement SaaS platform. They grow happy, connected and engaged cultures by enabling authentic peer-to-peer recognition, meaningful rewards and opportunities to pay-it-forward.

Finding A Solution for Marketing a Start-Up

As an early-stage start-up, Tim Ryan, the Director of Marketing, was focused on content marketing as the primary way to grow brand awareness of YouEarnedIt and generate new leads for sales. With a small team, they were using a variety of disparate marketing tools ranging from HootSuite for social media, MailChimp and Google Analytics but found it difficult and time-consuming to piece together all the data.

He sought a solution that would better manage all of their marketing campaigns and track their overall effectiveness on educating the market, generating new leads and boosting sales revenue. YouEarnedIt’s CEO, Autumn Manning, had prior experience with Eloqua, but found that it was much too complex and over-kill for their start-up. 

With HubSpot, Tim felt they would not only benefit from the all-in-one platform but also, by learning best practices from industry leaders, and said “HubSpot felt right on a gut-level, they felt more trust worthy, credible based on their success and customer reviews.” 

"Working with HubSpot has been an exceptional vendor experience. During our on-boarding we learned how inbound marketing can support our growth goals. We've had guidance every step of the way that's been invaluable to our success."

Tim Ryan

Director of Happiness Marketing


How HubSpot Helped

It's important for Tim to stay connected as the Director of Marketing at a fast-growing start-up, which is why he loves to use the powerful HubSpot Mobile app to have 24/7 access to his most important marketing data. He uses the app first thing in the morning to check the list of new prospects from the previous day and see where these leads are coming from. Under the Sources report, he monitors the volume of organic traffic coming to make sure his content team is on track with their growth goals. Additionally, he uses the social media tool to respond to any mentions or re-tweets about their brand. Being able to check this data, in real-time, is valuable to Tim and helps him make more informed marketing decisions quicker - which is particularly important during the start-up phase. 

At the office, he uses HubSpot's Keyword and SEO tools to identify the needs of his audience and works with his team to create monthly themes around specific topics, for example "reward incentives," their theme this past February. Using the data from the keyword tool, Tim is equipped to be more strategic in their content decisions, and understands the best keywords to boost organic traffic. 

The marketing team uses these insights when creating content for their Blog and Social Media pages to get the best quality of visitors, visitors that convert into leads. They use HubSpot's Landing Pages to create custom offers and grow their list of prospective customers. Once in the Contacts database, the team uses a variety of email Workflows to nurture leads with the end goal of requesting a Demo or starting a free Trial of their software. Because they also use the native integration with their SalesForce CRM, as soon as a lead requests a Demo or Trial, HubSpot triggers an email notification to the appropriate sales rep for follow-up. 


Data-backed Marketing Decisions Drive Results

Since they started using HubSpot, in June 2013, the marketing team at YouEarnedIt has been thrilled with their results. They use the Sources report to monitor their growth trajectory and have seen a 250% increase in organic traffic over the past nine months. They find it helpful to know where traffic is coming from and see which channels, over-time, are producing the most sales. They've seen major improvements in the lead to customer conversion rates from organic traffic and as a results have cut back on their paid search spending.

Consequently, they used HubSpot's analytics to define their 2014 strategic marketing plans and look forward to seeing continuous results and growth. 


"Making the decision to go with HubSpot to help YouEarnedIt promote "Happiness at Work" is one of the best business decisions I've made as a marketing professional. The support, training, account management and overall product experience have exceeded my expectations."

Tim Ryan

Director of Happiness Marketing


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