Introducing HubSpot’s EU Data Centre

Everything you need to know about
HubSpot’s new EU Data Centre.

As a company, HubSpot strives to solve for our customers in a global-first way. When it comes to data storage, we have heard our European customers loud and clear. We understand the increasing concerns regarding where data is hosted and stored -- particularly given the changing regulatory landscape in Europe, in addition to different cultural norms. 

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of launching our first regional data centre in the European Union. Our hope is that our European customers (and customers with business in Europe) will feel more confident as a HubSpot customer going forward.

New HubSpot customers will be eligible to use the EU Data Centre from July 2021.

For existing customers, we are currently building the ability to migrate existing data to HubSpot’s EU data centre as seamlessly as possible. The EU Data Centre will be available to you in 2022. 

Please note that transfers of HubSpot customer data from the EU to the US are still covered by the Standard Contractual Clauses in our Data Processing Agreement. You can learn more about this and how HubSpot is supporting customers by reading our Terms and Regional Data Hosting Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2022 is our current timeline. Of course, the development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so timelines are subject to change.

  • Our Product Team is currently working towards a 2022 timeline.

  • Currently, we anticipate that most data stored within HubSpot will be migratable. We are exploring ways to manage pieces that are external to HubSpot -- such as DNS registration or embeds on customer websites.
  • Our goal will be to minimise the type and amount of data that will not be migrated to the EU Data Centre. There may be certain items that the customer will need to manually reconfigure, such as resetting their domain for example or reauthorizing integrations. As we move closer to enabling existing customers to migrate to the EU Data Centre, we will highlight any risks related to data loss associated with the migration process.
  • The primary benefits of migrating data for customers and partners are:

    • It will allow them to store data in the EU
    • It will improve latency and reliability for customers who are far from the US
  • Our European customers have been asking for regional data storage for a few years, and the importance of this has increased as regulations have changed. With a regulatory landscape that can change quickly and strong cultural norms around privacy, customers feel safer and more stable with in-region data storage. Additionally, serving customers with data storage in their region improves both reliability and latency.

    For many customers, not storing their data in the EU increases friction in their sales and partnership conversations. Our new EU Data Centre will allow these customers to reduce worry and risk associated with non-compliance and cultural norms, and get back to focusing on their jobs. 

  • Transfers of HubSpot customer data from the EU to the US are still covered by the SCCs in our Data Processing Agreement, regardless of what data centre a customer uses. Customers should work with their own Legal representatives to advise on their unique situation. Customers will see no change in their current product performance and will continue to have their data hosted in the US.

  • At present, we don’t have any immediate plans for additional data centres.

  • For existing customers, the ability to migrate data to the EU Data Centre will be available starting in 2022. You should work with your own Legal and IT representatives to understand if this is a good fit for your company.

  • At present, we are unable to state whether or not we will have a data centre open in your location.

    The decision as to whether or not you migrate your data to the EU Data Centre should be based on your own HubSpot implementation and advice from your own Legal representative and/or risk assessments.

    Additional information about the migration process will be available in 2022.

  • A full list of supporting technology can be viewed under Annex 4 of the HubSpot Data Processing Agreement.

  • When migration is available, we will support our customers throughout this process. We will keep our customers updated with more information as our plans evolve.

  • We will actively alert all customers that the migration is ready. You can check this page regularly for the latest updates and progress. However, when the migration is available to you, you will be notified.