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Grow Better

How you sell is as important as what you sell.

What Does It Mean to Grow Better?

There is a fallacy out there that to grow you have to be ruthless. You need to trade trust for a payout and solve for your bottom line, even if it puts your customers at risk. This leads companies to make short-term decisions that sacrifice long-term relationships — to compromise their values and mislead. Growth is good, right? 

At HubSpot, not only do we believe this is flawed logic, we know there is a better way to grow — a way to grow better. Growing better is remembering you’re helping unique people, not personas. It’s placing long-term relationships ahead of those short-term gains. It’s making the right decisions — even when they’re not the easy ones.

Growing better is succeeding with a soul. 

Today, the best businesses really do “solve for the customer” and put their customers first. They grow because of their customers’ trust and loyalty. They realize that when their customers succeed, they do too. There are many ways to grow, but there’s only one way to grow better. Learn how to get started. 

How HubSpot Grows Better

Many businesses say they are “customer first,” but they’re actually customer ... eventually. We've made our own mistakes over the years when it comes to putting our customers first, but we want to be better. That’s why we created the Customer Code — a shared set of principles and beliefs on how to build a company that customers love. Because when our customers succeed, we do too.

The Customer Code Tenets

Check out a few of our favorite tenets to learn about some of the changes HubSpot made to create a better customer experience.

Treat me like a person, not a persona.

It's fine to market to a persona, but you build relationships with a person. Interact with them how, where, and when they want.

Solve for my success, not your systems.

Don't make your process your customer's problem. They care more about their own problems than your departments.

CC_FB copy_0000s_0004_Ask For Feedback

Ask for feedback, and act on it.

No one knows your customer experience better than your customers. Ask them how you can improve — and do it.

CC_FB copy_0000s_0008_Do The Right Thing (2)

Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

Especially when it's hard. What you do defines your company's destiny.

The Complete Customer Code

Create a company your customers love. Read the complete Customer Code and learn about all of the tenets.

How Our Customers Grow Better

Think HubSpot is the only company striving to grow better? Think again! Our customers, partners, and fans regularly remind us what it means to solve for the customer. Whether it’s examining sales incentives or prioritizing personalization over automation, our customers are always thinking of new ways to uplevel their customer experience. They truly exemplify what it means to grow better. Check out their stories.


Deering Banjos


"Our goal is simple: to provide quality built banjos in the USA at a price everyone can afford. Through product creation, pre-sale marketing, or post-purchase customer success, Deering is always focused on keeping the customer first and spreading the magic of music."


Kettlebell Kings


"We realize that there is a learning curve that our customers have to overcome to feel comfortable with kettlebell workouts. We aim to solve this by creating tutorials, how-to guides, full-length workouts, and by providing information about how to choose the best products."

Check back soon to read the full story.


Santa Cruz Bicycles


"Creating bikes that perform exceptionally well and are built to last means Santa Cruz Bicycle owners suffer No Missed Rides. We stand behind the product we make and offer free lifetime bearing replacement, as well as lifetime warranties on our frames, wheels, and handlebars. It might sound like a lot to take on, but it’s really quite simple. How would you want to be treated?"




"At Barn2Door, we help Farmers create a convenient online shopping experience across all digital channels. While a Farmer is working in the barn or out on the range, Barn2Door uses HubSpot Conversations to answer customer questions and to help drive conversion for Farmers. This added support has been a HUGE success for Barn2Door’s busy Farmers (and helps them meet the expectations of their customers!)."

Check back soon to read the full story.


Crunch Fitness


"We work hard to make serious fitness fun: through inclusive clubs that offer exceptional programming, equipment, and support. There are no judgments here – no too much or not enough. No glares of disapproval. We seek only to encourage, empower, and entertain. No matter our customers' workout of choice, we want them to have fun while reaching their goals."

Check back soon to read the full story.




"DrumFIT’s vision is to create the next generation of healthy children by teaching them to love cardio fitness and develop life-long fitness habits. We know that teachers work hard to find funds to purchase resources like DrumFIT for their students. We take this commitment very seriously and only provide the highest quality of equipment, instruction, and customer service to our customers."




"Our ability to customize our show to best fit the client’s event is what sets us apart from most event entertainment companies. Weddings, fundraisers, corporate events, private parties — each event is different and unique in their own way. No matter how big or small, we make sure that each event is given the same amount of attention to detail as the next one."


King of Pops


"Our goal is to be a positive food influencer, a relentless community supporter, and most importantly, a generator of Unexpected Moments of Happiness (UMoHs). We do that in thousands of ways, whether it's with tasty, cold pops on a hot day, a magic trick or joke, or one of our free weekly yoga events." 


Get to know our customers!

Looking for some inspiration? Look no further! Our customers are using the flywheel to attract prospects, decrease friction, and create remarkable experiences.

The Flywheel Model 

Companies that grow better adopt a new model of growth. The traditional sales and marketing funnel puts all the focus on marketing and sales and views customers as an output. That may have worked in the past, but research shows that today happy, vocal customers are a more effective growth driver than marketing and sales alone. It’s time to rethink growth. That’s where the flywheel comes into play.

The flywheel visually unites separate business stages around a singular focus: the customer. It’s the responsibility of every team in the entire company to attract, engage, and delight customers. When all of your teams are aligned around the flywheel, you can provide a more holistic, delightful experience to anyone who interacts with your business. 

Move from the funnel to the flywheel.

How You Can Grow Better

Ready to grow better? Check out the resources below to learn how your organization can increase trust and decrease points of friction. Your customers will thank you.


What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound is a method of attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. Learn why it’s an important part of growing better.


Marketing Is a Marathon

Marketers make small changes that drive big results. But when they complete tasks in isolation, they lose sight of the customer. It’s time to see the bigger picture.


HubSpot Marketing Free

With free marketing tools — email marketing, live chat, forms, ads, reports, and more — all built in a robust free CRM, you'll deliver the remarkable experiences customers expect.


Replacing the Sales Funnel with the Sales Flywheel

Learn why replacing the funnel with the flywheel was the best thing we did for our sales team.


Grow Better With HubSpot

There is a fallacy out there that to grow, you have to be ruthless. That you have to solve for your bottom line above all else — even, at times — at the expense of your customers. We know there is a better way to grow.


HubSpot Academy

Grow your career and your business. Take your professional skills to the next level with free, online training from HubSpot Academy.