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Apply Now to Lead a HubSpot User Group

Thank you for your interest in participating in the HubSpot User Group (HUG) program. Applications are currently closed for 2024. Reach out to us via hugs@hubspot.com with any questions.

Why Lead a HUG?

As a HUG Leader, you have the opportunity to give back to the HubSpot community, while sharpening your own prowess and growing as a professional. Additional benefits of leading a HUG include:
  1. An opportunity to grow your professional leadership experience.
  2. The chance to learn from other HubSpot users and HubSpot employees.
  3. Access to exclusive HubSpot product announcements and strategic overview presentations.
  4. The ability to grow your CRM, sales, marketing, and services expertise.
  5. Regular networking with HubSpot users to help build a support system that can improve your own HubSpot usage.

We look for Leaders who identify as community organizers, are excited to learn and share, and who are committed to our mission of helping millions of companies grow better. They are content experts as well as well-networked (think: the water cooler types!) within their industry and local community. Is this you? If yes, review our guidelines and proceed to the application below! 

What's Expected of You as a HUG Leader?

As a HUG Leader you are an ambassador of HubSpot, and a valuable resource to our community of HubSpot users. With great power, comes great responsibility. We'll expect that you: 
  1. Focus your HUG activities around helping to educate and connect current HubSpot users and customers. Content should be product-focused and aimed at helping users get more out of the software they are using. 
  2. Commit to hosting at least one (1) quarterly meet-up for your community.
  3. In-between meet-ups, post regularly on HubSpot Community and provide solutions and support to HubSpot users and customers. 
  4. Use the approved software solution provided to host community discussions, manage events, and run virtual meet-ups. 
  5. Abide by HubSpot's guidelines when it comes to promoting your business or services.
  6. Upon being accepted into the program, sign an official Leader Agreement that specifies all our program terms.
*If you are having any technical difficulties submitting this application, please open the link in a private (or 'Incognito') browser and try again. If the problem persists, reach out to hugs@hubspot.com for support.