Applying to the HubSpot Impact Awards

As a HubSpot Agency Partner, we want to ensure you're getting the recognition you deserve for all your awesome client work. And what better way to showcase the results of your inbound marketing efforts than to honor the top success stories with a prestigious award?

Introducing the HubSpot Agency Partner Client Impact Awards.

What are the Impact Awards?

The HubSpot Agency Partner Client Impact Awards are a representation of the best inbound work across 5 major categories. Winning an Impact award is great way to stand out against the competition, and differentiate your agency as a top HubSpot Partner. Awards will be given out in two rounds in 2017 across these 5 categories: Client Sales Enablement, Integrations Innovation, Inbound Growth Story, Website Design and Graphic Design.  Winners from each round will automatically be entered as finalists for the Grand Prize Impact Awards announced at the INBOUND event in September of 2017.

Submission Periods and Deadlines:

Round 1: Application period is closed. 
Round 2: May 1, 2017July 31, 2017

What does winning an award mean?

Winning an Impact Award means recognition from HubSpot for your ability to deliver amazing client work using the inbound methodology. All winners and honorable mentions are displayed in our impact award showcase page and awards are displayed in your agency’s profile inside the HubSpot Partner Directory. Grand prize winners receive recognition on stage at our annual INBOUND event.  We’re always looking for ways to showcase your work. New for 2017,  all Impact Awards winner's work will be included in a "Best of" compilation ebook, which will be distributed through HubSpot's channels, and available for you to distribute as well.


Winning HubSpot’s Impact Award was a big deal for Quintain Marketing. When evaluating agencies, many clients think bigger is better, but this award proves that small agencies like ours can do world class work that produces real results for clients. We are incredibly honored to have our campaign recognized by HubSpot and excited about how this will position us to compete with industry leaders and grow our customer base.

Kathleen Booth

CEO and Owner

Quintain Marketing

How does it work?

Apply to the Impact Awards by submitting your blog post in the form below. Winners and honorable mentions will be announced in the month after the submission deadline.

Any questions about the process? Ask us at

    1. Client work you're submitting for consideration in the form of content assets (landing pages, site pages, blog posts) must be hosted on the HubSpot COS and promotional assets (social media messages, lead nurturing, emails) must utilize HubSpot.
    2. Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM EST on the day of the deadline shown above. 
    3. Client work can only be submitted for consideration once, i.e. the same project cannot be submitted to different categories, or in multiple submission cycles. You can submit two unique submission to each category, and you can apply unique submissions to multiple categories.
    • Client Sales Enablement Story entries should highlight a client story involving the execution of sales enablement services. To qualify for this award, the story submitted must involve the usage of HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales. (see past winner)
    • The Integrations Innovation award recognizes creative uses of our HubSpot Connect integrations that allowed you to create unique services for your clients. (see past winner)
    • Inbound Growth Story entries should highlight clients that experienced rapid growth with inbound marketing practices. (see past winner)
    • Website Design entries can either be a website created from scratch or a redesign of a client's existing website. (see past winner)
      • Note: As of 2017, the Website Design category now includes the Growth-Driven Design category from previous years. Please submit any GDD submissions to the Website Design category. 
    • Graphic Design submissions can be any graphic that you've created for a client, such as a banner for their website, a logo, or an infographic. (see past winner)
  • 1) Get permission from your client to enter your work by having them sign this letter. This is very important since entries without a corresponding signed form will not be considered. Upload the signed client letter to your submission in the form below.

    2) You can submit up to two entries per category. Submissions to multiple categories are also allowed, as long as the same work is not submitted more than once. 

    3) For your submission, publish a post on your agency's blog detailing the work you did. Provide a link to the blog post using the form below. 

    4) *New for 2017* Check out the scoring rubric  used for judging, to make sure you're including all of the necessary components. 

    • A description of any challenges the client faced before you started working with them.

    • Specifics about what you did. Let us know what was unique about your agency's work.

    • Metrics, and a description of the quantitative results of your work, such increases in traffic, leads, or customers if applicable (including specific mentions of which HubSpot products you used). If you'd like, add context to these numbers by adding industry or client benchmarks. The more specific you can get, the better, but please make sure that you have permission from your client to include any financial information or metrics. Check out the scoring rubric  to make sure you're included all of the necessary components. 

    • Why was this project was so successful and how did it make an impact for your client?

    • Before/after screenshots, or anything else you think we need to see.

    • Looking for inspiration? Check out past winners blog posts here.

Apply to the Impact Awards!

Open to HubSpot Partners only.