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Apps for Agency Services Program

Bringing Partner Communities Together to Help Them Grow Better:
Agency partners get to expand their service offerings with free App Partner software.
App partners get access to HubSpot's agency reseller channel.

*This Program Has Been Sunset as of September 2019*

TL;DR: On 9/5/2019, upon the launch of the new App Marketplace, we decided to sunset this program.

Further Details: The HubSpot Platform team is excited to share that, with the launch of the new App Marketplace, we have a new and improved way for you to seamlessly identify and reach out to our app partners with established agency programs. We're eliminating ourselves as the middle-men, and there is no longer a need for you to email our team to connect with an App partner.  Instead, simply navigate to the "Apps for agencies" collection on the left side of the App Marketplace.  This new collection will highlight all of our app partners that have agency friendly programming/pricing. You can click on any one of their listing pages, scroll down to pricing, and click on "See agency pricing".  You can then reach out to the app partner directly and to get started or ask any questions. 

We appreciate all of your feedback on the original iteration of the Apps for Agency Services Program, and we hope this new collection makes the process of leveraging our app partner's software as frictionless as possible - let us know if you have any questions! 

What's expected of you as an Agency Partner: resell and retain at least one client on a Connect Partner's software in the first year of signing up for the program. Agencies then must refer or retain at least one client for a Connect Partner's software each year thereafter to maintain their eligibility. Please note that it is up to participating Connect Partners to enforce this if they so choose.

What you get: participating Connect Partners' software for free so you can learn/use it and improve your ability to sell and service it.  Ultimately, this program provides a very low-risk way to learn how to expand your services and solution offerings through our platform ecosystem partners. *Note that agencies can only utilize the free Connect Partner software for themselves, not for any of their clients. 

To get more information: browse the Connect Partners on our new Apps for Agency Services page in the integrations directory.  If you are interested in the program please fill out the interest form below.  Please note that the free software offered through the Apps for Agency Services program is available to net new agency partner customers only - in other words, your agency cannot already be a customer of that particular software.  Agency partners who use the software already cannot be grandfathered in.  (However, if that is the case, your agency would be eligible to receive the software for free once you apply to the program and then sell your first net new deal to a client.) Additionally, this program is for Platinum Tier and above agencies only.

What's expected of you as an app partner: you will offer Platinum+ Agency Partners your software for free (this must be a fully functioning version of the software: no limitations around features, etc.) - so that the agencies can use and test it themselves to more effectively resell it. You will also be required to offer enablement resources Agency Partners may need to get started reselling.  Finally, it is required to commit to being in the program for one year. If you wanted to cease participation once the year is up, you would need to provide written notice within 30 days; otherwise the program auto-renews.

What you get: In exchange for the above requirements, you will gain access to our established channel of top tier (Platinum+) agency partners who will work to resell your software to their clients. We will also be promoting this program to our agency channel and highlighting the app partners involved.

Sign up to become a participating app partner: via the second interest form below.

Participating HubSpot App Partners:

Below are just a few of all the HubSpot app partners that have agreed to participate in this program and offer their software for free to agencies.  If you are a Platinum or above HubSpot Agency Partner interested in taking advantage of this program, please fill out the first form below.  If you would like to see the full listing of participating app partners and further details on what each of them offer, please visit this page in our integrations directory.   

If you are an app partner interested in signing up for this program, please fill out the second form below.

App Partner Signup Form 
*We are no longer accepting applications for this program, as it has been sunset.*