Atomic Reach + HubSpot Integration Case Study

The PHNX21creative Agency increased sessions by 52.6% and social interactions by 312.78% in the 3 three months using the Atomic Reach + HubSpot integration.


branch-messenger The PHNX21creative Agency finds that most businesses want to grow but struggle to be found online and keep up with changes in technology. Their growth strategies provide guidance and clarity so that businesses are not only found online, but also heard.

By leveraging the Atomic Reach integration with HubSpot, the PHNX21creative Agency:

  • Increased sessions by 52.6% in the first three months
  • Increase social interactions by 312.78% in the first three months
  • Saved 2 hours per blog post

The PHNX21creative Agency had mastered SEO, but was looking for more advanced insights on their content

The PHNX21creative Agency had become skilled at the "how-to" of writing SEO optimized blogs and using analytics to infer what topics were most interesting to an audience.

However, they didn’t have the data to understand what specific elements within blog posts were more or less appealing to an audience. They wanted to know on a more granular level what was working in their content strategy and needed the meaningful insights to help them understand.

Screenshot of Atomic Content

The Atomic Reach + HubSpot integration provides time-saving critical data, recommendations, and social sharing tools to publish great content

The PHNX21creative Agency found Atomic Reach to help content marketers publish the best content by leveraging actionable insights from historical engagement data. With an intuitive installation and high-touch onboarding process, the PHNX21creative Agency had the software and its HubSpot integration easily connected and working as designed.

From a content creation perspective, the recommendations feature is very helpful in outlining and creating rough drafts of blog posts.

Once the copy is ready, having a live editor and optimizer built into the platform allows for bi-directional saving and syncing, a big productivity booster.

Then, the social sharing tool helps on-going social distribution, especially for new clients by “allowing us to be more of a rifle than a shotgun when it comes to sharing the now optimized content we create,” as stated by Kenny Lange, founder of the PHNX21creative Agency.

Screenshot of Recommendations

After three months, the PHNX21creative Agency reports increased sessions, more social interactions, and saved time

The results speak for themselves; using the integration:

  1. Sessions on the website increased by 52.6% in the first 3 months.
  2. Social interactions increased by 312.78% in the first 3 months.
  3. Saves 2 hours per blog post, which amounts to over 40 hours per month.

Overall, it has simplified and focused the content that the PHNX21creative Agency creates and how it is created for clients - as well as generating more traffic compared to only doing SEO optimization.

In sales conversations with potential clients, they are able to share they are a forward-thinking agency and not only use AI tools themselves but would leverage them on behalf of their clients if they choose them as their agency partner.

As a result, their clients get all of the competitive advantages without the burden of keeping up with emerging technologies.

Before using Atomic Reach, we were using only our instincts and experience when optimizing content for readability. Now we have concrete data that makes us far more accurate and insightful when crafting a piece of content that people will love reading!

Kenny Lange


PHNX21creative Agency

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