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Eventbrite + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Health and Performance Company EXOS Will Save 1,200+ Hours Using the HubSpot and Eventbrite Integration



EXOS is a human performance company that helps individuals reach their health, fitness, and sports performance goals through customized plans, technology, training, nutrition, and more.

By leveraging the Eventbrite integration with HubSpot, Exos:

  • Saved 4-8 hours per event, totaling around 1,200 hours saved
  • Saved $125/hour on external event administration by utilizing internal staff
  • Created efficiencies in time and budget to allow for a potential 4X growth events per year

Looking to upgrade from a clunky event system, EXOS wanted to automate the work that went into event creation and management.

EXOS was spending a grueling amount of time facilitating their 50 healthcare provider and fitness professional education events per year.  Their event management system was outdated. It required lots of manual follow ups, was not data friendly, and did not provide the automation they needed to scale effectively.  

The EXOS team was also using HubSpot for their CRM, Marketing, and Sales solutions and was hoping to move to an event solution that mirrored HubSpot’s efficiency.

Eventbrite, the world's largest event technology platform, integrates with HubSpot and becomes a clear choice. 




Eventbrite itself provided a huge upgrade for the EXOS team in an event management system: it included event ticketing, registration, and management and analysis.  Better yet, Eventbrite was a Connect Partner of HubSpot and seamlessly integrated with EXOS’ existing HubSpot portal.

The HubSpot + Eventbrite integration connected the power and scale of HubSpot contacts and marketing automation to offline events. “Eventbrite allowed us to streamline our event creation and sales, all while the HubSpot integration offered task automation and improved collection and management of customer information,” says Dan Cowan, Senior Brand Manager at EXOS.


HubSpot + Eventbrite integration saves time and provides huge value in syncing data.

The phrase ‘time is money’ is taken to a whole new level when you’re planning to run over 200 events a year like the EXOS team. In fact, not only has EXOS already scheduled 150 more events this year than their 50 in 2016 thanks to the power of the integration, but they are confident they’ll be able to add even more as the year procedes. In addition, by integrating HubSpot with Eventbrite, they have been able to save 4-8 hours of work per event, an enormous time savings and stress reliever.


On top of saving 1,200+ hours of work per year, the integration provides a great deal of value in its ability to capture all necessary data from Eventbrite registration forms into the HubSpot platform and ultimately track customers, purchases, and events they're attending. As Dan puts it, “This is key to keep [customers] informed of event information, as well as future events or courses that would be relevant and interesting to them based on this information. This allows us to create and serve more relevant content to those who've taken specific courses or live in specific areas.”

Data is king, and the integration allows us to collect our customer data faster and more accurately. I always promote HubSpot as a great tool with many different and powerful capabilities to support Inbound strategies and marketing automation. Even today we're still implementing features to enhance our strategies and marketing efforts.