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Postalytics + HubSpot Integration Case Study

With the Postalytics and HubSpot integration, Zogics saw a 500% increase in ROI within their first 2 months of use with automated direct mail



Zogics is an Inc. 5000 eCommerce company focused on providing customers with a one-stop shop for all their gym supply needs. Serving fitness facilities in gyms, hotels, schools, government and more, Zogics is proud to serve over 30,000 facilities with the best products, at the best prices, as quickly as possible.

By leveraging the Postalytics integration with HubSpot, Zogics:

  • Saw a 500% increase in ROI in the first 2 months by adding the Postalytics direct mail automation into their winback workflow
  • Recognized an increase in order volume by 140%
  • Observed savings in time, costs, and manual management

Zogics’ challenge was finding a cost-effective direct mail strategy

In order for Zogics to continue growing their success, they needed a more robust email provider and a cost-effective way to employ direct mail. Turning to HubSpot for a robust email provider and Postalytics for direct mail, they found a way to efficiently manage and accurately track their direct mail strategy in harmony.

By using the Postalytics’ tracking feature, companies are able to analyze exactly how a campaign performs after just one mailing send and invest in their most effective ones. Not having all their customer information in one place was another key challenge for Zogics. Their data was siloed between contact records, workflows, and direct mail, making management of the disconnected data difficult and far too manual.

Zogics turned to HubSpot and Postalytics to effectively integrate inbound marketing into their direct mail strategy

"We've been using HubSpot for 3 years and like its "all-in-one" nature that could serve our sales team with the Sales Hub, while connecting with Marketing and the central CRM." - Jon Pierotti

Zogics believed that sending highly targeted direct mail pieces would be a crucial factor to their inbound strategy, so they searched for a solution and found the Postalytics + HubSpot integration to do just that. After discovering Postalytics at INBOUND, Zogics found ease with setting up the integration to target and leverage their most effective direct mail sends. They also found that the connection enabled them to integrate postcard mailing into automated workflows and track engagement per contact.


A preview of a created mailing, pulling in contact information from HubSpot

“Using Postalytics status codes, such as "Mail in Transit" & "Processed for Delivery" helps us time our messaging much more accurately within workflows. This allows us to create multi-touch campaigns with our contacts that have logical and appropriate cadences between emails, follow-up, and postcard mailings.” - Jon Pierotti

Postalytics allows users to manage direct mail in a way that reduces excess sends and saves time. HubSpot's workflow functionality is already a huge help for marketing automation, and integrating Postalytics into these workflows allows for personalized, multi-touch campaigns to specific audiences that blind mailings would not be able to achieve.

Jon Pierotti

Graphic Designer


Significant increases in ROI, activity, and order volume for a team who adopted the HubSpot and Postalytics integration

Zogics saw a hefty 500% increase in ROI within the first two months of using the Postalytics + HubSpot integration along with higher engagement and order quantity among their customers. More specifically, “We've seen more success and order quantity from at-risk customers and re-engaged contacts that haven't been active in 6+ months”, and have found a 140% increase in order volume.

In the fast-paced world we live in, time is priceless. Zogics experienced valuable savings in time because they no longer need to import lists from HubSpot into Postalytics, export any additional files, or update contact records manually. All the information from Zogics and HubSpot is synced between the two tools. The company has also reported drastic cost reductions on mailings, more meaningful personalized sends, and a better way to track performance of targeting audiences.


An example showing the ease of importing lists created in HubSpot


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