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Seventh Sense + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Leveraging Seventh Sense along with their HubSpot powered Marketing and Sales emails, Imagine Business Development doubled their open and click rates, increased email conversions by 100%

Imagine Business Development is a HubSpot Agency Partner who delivers inbound marketing, sales development, and sales process design strategy to small and medium-sized businesses in order to implement successful demand generation programs that achieve predictable, sustainable, and scalable growth.

Email remains at the heart of successful Marketing and Sales efforts, but competing for attention in the inbox has never been more challenging

Imagine Business Development and their clients understand that email is the critical linchpin for marketing and sales interactions. After an email is delivered, though, it can be incredibly difficult to get noticed. The Imagine Business Development team would spend countless hours on the email subject lines, content, style, and design - focusing on the right message for their audience. However, when they analyzed the performance of their work they saw that about 20% of recipients would open the email and only 2-3% would click on it. This was a lot of work to put in for the reward. In order to improve their return on investment, they realized they were missing a key element: timing.

While the message’s content is essential, it has to be delivered at the right time. Knowing how many emails to create and when to send them continued to be the biggest unknown factors that were holding back Imagine Business Development email engagement. Most of this is due to the fact that each individual contact had different preferences; some preferred daily contact while others responded better if they got an email once per month. Imagine Business Development needed a way to win the attention of more of their contacts to really get the most out of their emails. They found Seventh Sense, an artificial intelligence and predictive analytics system that uses data from HubSpot and your corporate email system to keep contacts engaged and responsive.

While we spent many hours of energy and ideas focused on optimizing emails through subject lines, content, style and design – we were missing the most important piece of the formula – deliverability. Sure, we were focused on sending the right message to the right person; but none of that mattered if we didn’t send it to them at the right time (and if it didn’t get into the inbox). Seventh Sense completed the equation, enabling us to deliver the email to the recipient at the right time.

Doug Davidoff

Founder and CEO

Imagine Business Development

Integration provides the data and analytics to deliver the optimal emails to each contact: the right amount at the right time

As soon as they installed the integration, Seventh Sense’s software began learning from the vast history and patterns of contacts’ email engagement with Imagine Business Development. For every contact that they had emailed, Seventh Sense could determine the optimal time of day and day of the week to email them, so that send times can now be customized for each contact. Furthermore, the email fatigue analysis uses machine learning to encourage Imagine Business Development to increase email pace when there is high engagement and to warn them to pull back when it is low. Finally, the analytics provide greater insights into their overall strategy so that the team can collectively develop and execute stronger email marketing strategies.


Send time optimization

Together, these tools create a far better experience for customers as they move along the buyer’s journey. At the same time, the Imagine Business Development team feels like they are getting more out of the work they put in. As Doug Davidoff (Founder and CEO) says, “Finally the juice is worth the squeeze.”

Additionally, it was not only the product that improved the email efforts for Imagine Business Development and their clients, but also the Seventh Sense team. Whenever Imagine Business Development has issues, Seventh Sense not only addresses them thoroughly, but they have also helped Imagine Business Development see and take advantage of other opportunities that empower their work so that they can leverage the tool autonomously. Using the Seventh Sense + HubSpot integration, Imagine Business Development is empowered to keep their contacts engaged and drastically reduce the number of people who unsubscribe or ignore the messaging the team works so hard to create.  


Engagement analytics

Email Engagement Soars

After implementing the Seventh Sense + HubSpot integration, the Imagine Business Development team became excited about emails once again.

And the numbers do not lie: over the first four months of using the integration, core emails have doubled their open and click rates and conversion on emails has increased nearly 100%. Additionally, the website bounce rate with the source as coming from email marketing has dropped 33%. With the machine learning tools and analytics, the team is sending fewer total emails with a higher number of opens, clicks, and engagements. Results like these ensure that Imagine Business Development keeps a better sender reputation and that emails make it to the inbox instead of the SPAM folder. By gaining attention in over-crowded inboxes, the team has shorter sales cycles, drives better audience engagement, and increases revenue and brand awareness.

Our email is on fire. This has not only improved our direct results, but the energy for the team as well.

Doug Davidoff

Founder and CEO

Imagine Business Development

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