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The publishing world has experienced a dramatic shift. In order to stay ahead, publishers need to think like marketers.

The dollars once generated from print publications have transformed into mere digital dimes. With more choices than ever, advertisers are demanding greater transparency and ROI from their partners, leaving companies in need of a smarter, more reliable source of revenue.

HubSpot for Media Companies

HubSpot gives you all the tools you need to monetize your audience through intelligence, and foster more meaningful relationships with your advertisers.

Whether your subscription base is 2,000 or 2,000,000, HubSpot helps media companies:

Gain a Better Understanding of Site Traffic

When it comes to your audience, knowledge is power. Pair on-site behavior with contact data to transform your readers into your most valuable asset.

Broaden Your Monetization Strategy

Look beyond traditional digital products to offer advertisers new pipelines that generate recurring revenue.

Increase Audience Engagement

Convert casual readers into subscribers to increase time on site, analyze purchase intent, and build out robust audience intelligence.

Prove Increased Advertiser ROI

Sell more than clicks and impressions to serve advertisers actions that matter. Deliver sales qualified leads and close the loop to attribute campaigns to real revenue.

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"I HubSpot because I want to be the most effective marketer in my market. Because I want to be the best lead gen partner for all of my advertisers. I want to be the most effective, valued and respected B2B media company in any market."

Seth Nichols



"The Audience Development team has been able to set up campaigns on our own instead of relying on a technical person to program or code for us... Everyone we've been working with has been so knowledgable and patient, it's made all the difference."

Cassie Noyes

Associate Publisher, Digital Media & Audience Development


“By partnering with Hubspot we have been able to streamline subscriber communications, as well as efficiently nurture new leads.”

Andrew McFadden


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Your Database Sucks

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