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App Partner Program Branding Guidelines

Reference this page whenever you're referring to your integration or your relationship with HubSpot, looking for HubSpot brand assets, or running a Google Ads campaign for your integration.
Here at HubSpot, we want to ensure we’re serving our customers around the globe in a recognizable and consistent way as they interact with our platform.
If you’ve already built or plan to build an integration for HubSpot, we’ve designed these handy guidelines for you. We recognize that our growing community of partners help us provide a positive, consistent experience for our joint customers. So, thanks in advance!

Referring to Your Integration

It’s important to make sure your brand is distinct from HubSpot’s. Here are some best practices for this.


  • Title your integration in HubSpot’s App Marketplace using the name of your product or brand.
    • Examples: "monday.com", "Lucky Orange", or "eWebinar".
    • If applicable, use the brand's name and your company’s name, for example: "WooCommerce by MakeWebBetter".
    • Use or include a unique descriptor of your app, for example: "PandaDoc | eSignatures & More", "Help Desk Migration", and "WhatsApp Sync".
  • Indicate in your marketing materials that your software integrates with HubSpot, or that it was built for HubSpot. 
    • You can use any referential phrase (e.g., "to", "for", "for use with", "works with") to identify your integration’s compatibility with HubSpot, as long as it’s clear your integration is distinct from HubSpot's brand and products.
    • Examples: “Hooli + HubSpot integration”, “Hooli + HubSpot app”, “Hooli integration for HubSpot”, "Hooli for HubSpot", or "Hooli to HubSpot" are all good ways to describe your integration. 
  • Capitalize the “S” in “HubSpot” any time you’re referring to HubSpot.


  • Don't modify, imitate or abbreviate any HubSpot brands or names (HubSpot, “Hub”, etc.) anywhere in the name of your integration.
    • Examples: “HubConnector”, “SyncSpot”, or “HubSync” wouldn’t work.
  • Don't use a generic product name + any HubSpot brands or names, because this could confuse people into thinking your generically-named product is a HubSpot product.
    • Examples: “CRM for HubSpot” or “SMS for HubSpot” wouldn’t be ok.
  • Don't brand your integration using the word "inbound" in a way that ties it to our annual INBOUND event.
    • Examples: “Inbound Event Integration for HubSpot” or “Inbound and HubSpot integration” wouldn’t work.

Referring to Your Relationship with HubSpot

If you’ve built an integration but haven’t yet listed it in HubSpot’s App Marketplace…

  • Do: Tell the world you’ve built an integration for the HubSpot platform.
  • Don’t: Refer to yourself as an “integration partner”, “app partner”, or say that you’ve “partnered with HubSpot” in press releases, videos, website listings, or in any other marketing materials.

Once you’ve listed your integration in HubSpot’s App Marketplace and become a part of our App Partner Program…

  • Do: Tell the world you’re a HubSpot app partner or integration partner and have joined HubSpot’s App Partner Program.
  • Don’t: Refer to your integration as a “certified integration” yet.

Once your listed integration has been certified by HubSpot…

  • Do: Tell the world you’re a HubSpot app partner with a certified HubSpot app/integration.
  • Don’t: Refer to yourself or your company as a “certified partner”, as only your app/integration is certified (not your partnership with HubSpot).

Using HubSpot Logos

Click here to download high-quality versions of the HubSpot App Partner logo, plus find other brand resources.

Only HubSpot app partners with a certified app can use the certified app assets and they should only be used when referring to the HubSpot app that is certified.

Using the partner-specific badges and logos is always preferred, but if you have a use case that the HubSpot company logo or sprocket is more appropriate for, you must first submit a mock-up of your asset and seek approval for logo usage by completing this form. Please note that logo request reviews can take between 7-10 business days. 

If your request is approved, you will receive a timed, private link to the Brandfolder where you can download high-res versions of the logos. 

When using any version of the HubSpot logo, do not change or alter the color of the logos, and do not skew or distort the logos in any way shape or form.


*If you would like to include the logo of a company other than HubSpot in your App Marketplace listing, please ensure that you have the necessary permissions and follow the appropriate guidelines from that company. HubSpot does not assume responsibility for the use of another company’s logo and expressly disclaims any liabilities from such use.

Press Releases

If you'd like to write a press release announcing your app integration, get started with one of the following templates:


Before publishing the press release, send a draft to partnercommsreview@hubspot.com for review.

*Please allow 7-10 business days for HubSpot to approve and/or provide edits. And please note, HubSpot will not distribute the press release on your behalf.

If you’d like to run a Google Ads campaign that mentions your company and HubSpot in relation to our partnership, you’ll need to request approval from HubSpot and Google for the trademark use.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Fill out this form. You'll be asked to include your 10-Digit Google Ads Customer ID (note: This is not your HubSpot Account number), postal address associated with the account, full legal name of the company on the account, website of the account, and the full ad copy you plan to run. In your ad, please specify that you are a "HubSpot partner" or "HubSpot agency" and not a "HubSpot agency partner." Also, please make sure HubSpot is spelled with a capital “S” and that you include all variations of the ads you plan to run with the “HubSpot” trademark.
  2. We’ll review the copy and contact you if any edits are necessary. 
  3. Once we've approved your ads, we'll initiate the trademark approval process with Google, which can take up to 7 business days.
  4. We’ll notify you when we've submitted your request to Google and once Google has approved the request. You’ll then submit your ads to Google.

If you'd like to use the HubSpot trademark for paid ads on a platform other than Google, please use the form linked above and indicate the desired platform in the ad copy section of the form.

The Fine Print

Any integrators and app partners that aren’t in alignment with HubSpot branding guidelines may be asked to change corporate and/or product name(s), domain names, social media assets, signage, printed promotional materials, website copy or logos, product descriptions, demos, booth design, messaging, and any other materials. Costs for rebranding or the production of new material to comply with our branding guidelines is the sole responsibility of the partner and/or sponsor.

Trademark usage guidelines can be found here and content usage guidelines can be found here. Utilize these for basic guidelines around HubSpot’s name usage and copyrights. Keep in mind, if you’ve built an integration between HubSpot and another platform you’re not affiliated with, the latter will most likely have its own branding and usage guidelines, so be sure to consult their respective documentation too.