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You know inbound marketing works, but sometimes your prospects need a little bit of convincing. Why not try to sway them with a rock-solid case study? Sharing the success of a client is a sure-fire way to get you hired, so we've put together a template that you can use to showcase your agency's client-delivery accolades.


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A few notes when using the Case Study Template:

  1. The Presentation is meant to be a template for you to follow. Feel free to add or omit where you see fit.
  2. We recommend adding your own branding and styling to the deck to make it your own.
  3. Need additional inspiration? Download one of the below examples from some of our top Partners, or check out this 26 page Guide to Creating Case Studies for Your Agency.

Square 2 Marketing Case Study

New Breed Marketing Case Study

Impulse Creative Case Study




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