HubSpot Agency Partner Bootcamps

Attract and close more new business for your agency with small group sales training from HubSpot

What are the Bootcamps?

As a HubSpot partner, agencies have the benefit of attending online or in-person training sessions focused on improving their sales skills, or generating more leads in their pipeline.

These bootcamps are only offered to HubSpot Agency Partners.

  1. Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp

    Are you getting in front of prospects, but know you could be selling better? Could you be more effectively digging for pain, advancing and closing deals, and quantifying the value of your solutions so you can charge higher fees? If so, you could be a great fit for our Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp.

    You’ll master agency inbound selling with a free 8-week intensive interactive course, working in a small group directly with David Weinhaus, head of HubSpot partner sales training, who has helped thousands of agencies sell better. Improve your sales skills so you can advance and close more deals.

  2. Agency Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

    Are you frustrated from a lack of sales opportunities? Are you looking for support and guidance around prospecting? In short, do you want to build a thriving pipeline of prospects for your agency? If so, then you might be a great fit for the free Agency Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.

    These groups are tailored for Partners who want to learn new skills for opening more doors, connecting with more prospects, and generating more opportunities so they can close more deals and grow their agencies. You'll work directly with Dan Tyre, HubSpot's most senior sales coach, to learn best practices for building your pipeline and driving new business.

  3. Agency Account Management Essentials Bootcamp

    The 2-day in-person course is an adapted version of HubSpot's employee onboarding program. It will teach agency account managers to effectively manage clients and consistently drive value using inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform.

    This course is a great fit for agency account managers or marketing strategists who are HubSpot Certified Partners or have a HubSpot Marketing Subscription. At $750 per seat, you will learn many topics including inbound strategy planning, the customer value lifecycle, and how to influence client marketing and sales alignment.

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Real agencies, real training, real results.

Find out how this partner closed the biggest retainer in company history within 8 weeks of joining the bootcamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Note that these programs have limited availability, and we are not able to assure program acceptance. Acceptance is based on program capacity, demand, timing, and other eligibility criteria including, but not limited to, those mentioned below. This is an Optional Partner Program under our Agency Partner Program Agreement.

    We don't charge a fee for this optional program, but do ask that partners are committed to sales improvement. Program requirements include:

    • being teachable
    • being committed
    • either having 3 sales opportunities, or being committed to building a target list
    • using a CRM
    • spending 5-10 hours a week on sales or more

    The program is currently for North American and EMEA (English-speaking) partners.

  • The Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp is comprised of 8 hourly weekly small group sessions via Zoom teleconference software. You’ll also be asked to spend 30-45 minutes in preparation each week and to spend time outside of class applying learned concepts.

    The Agency Pipeline Generation Bootcamp is comprised of 8 hourly weekly small group sessions via Zoom teleconference software. Each week, four hours of outside-the-group individual work is expected as well.

  • Yes! We also offer a PLUS version of these trainings, which include 2 days of on-site classroom training at the HubSpot offices. These are offered throughout the year.

    Partners can come get trained in-person and experience an immersive learning environment along with other committed partners and instructors. There will also be 4 weekly follow up sessions delivered remotely to help reinforce and apply learnings from the on-site training. 

    While the online training sessions are free, the PLUS versions are an additional cost.

  • These programs are only available for HubSpot Agency Partners. 

    If you are an existing HubSpot Partner, reach out directly to your Channel Account Manager to request an application for the program. 

    If you are not yet a HubSpot Agency Partner, reach out to a Partner Specialist by filling out the form below, and someone will be in touch with you soon!

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Please note: These bootcamps are only available to HubSpot Agency Partners. Fill out the form below if you'd like to speak to a Partner Specialist about how to join the HubSpot Partner Program.


If you are already a HubSpot Partner and are interested in a Bootcamp, reach out directly to your Channel Account Manager to request a program application.