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In this short onboarding video, a sales partner growth coach walks you through an overview of the partner program.

  • Legal Paperwork
  • Lead Registration Tutorial
  • Referring Software to Clients
  • Partner Benefits

Legal Paperwork

When you login to your partner portal for the first time, you'll see a screen like this.  Sign the legal agreement in the left white box. 

Access Partner Toolset through link in acceptance email or by logging into CRM and navigating to it from left hand corner of black navigation bar.

Then, fill out your W-9/ W-8 & ACH (listed on the right hand side of this screen) and email to

Lead Registration Tutorial

Refer your existing clients and prospects to HubSpot and earn referral fees. First, register your leads inside your CRM portal to accurately track which leads you 'own.' Your clients can either self-purchase in their CRM portal, or HubSpot can co-sell with you in the sales process. Either way, you earn the same commission.

Step by step guide to lead registration >>

Guide to bulk lead registration >>

Referring Software to Clients

After you register a lead, they can upgrade ‘touchlessly’ in their CRM portal. Register your prospect first so you can properly accredited for the commission.

Your client needs to create a free HubSpot Sales or CRM portal. When they're ready to purchase to HubSpot Sales Pro, simply email them this link and they can upgrade right inside their portal. The link is 'smart' so it auto-populates to take them right to the upgrade screen.

Or, if you'd like to co-sell a deal with Hubspot, schedule a meeting with a growth coach to chat to kick off the sales process. 

You can schedule a meeting here.


Partner Benefits


Weekly Coaching Calls

Join other Sales Partners and HubSpot growth coaches on weekly sales coaching calls every Wednesday at 11:00am EST. You'll learn best practices for selling your sales services, paired with HubSpot software. 

Sign up now >>

Inbound Sales Methodology Certification

This course features five classes that introduce you to the Inbound Sales Methodology. From identifying potential buyers, to developing outreach strategies, to building personalized presentations, this free sales training course covers the basics of what inbound sales is all about.

This foundational training teaches you how to serve your clients to better identify, connect, explore, and advise today’s empowered buyer.

The course is 3 hours and is available on-demand.

Get Certified >> 


Branding Guidelines & Partner Badges

If you’re looking to promote your partnership with HubSpot through a press release or blog, or are interested in using HubSpot brand elements, here's a few guidelines to follow in order to comply with HubSpot copyrights, trademarks, process, and branding.

View the Guidelines >>

Want to showcase this partnership on your website?  Below, you can download badges.

Learn HubSpot Software

Take a look at the on-demand resources available to partners to get up to speed quickly with HubSpot's sales technology.

  • CRM Software
  • Sales Pro Training
  • Product Overview Video

CRM Software

HubSpot Academy Sales Software Certification

This training course teaches you how to use the free HubSpot CRM and the core features of HubSpot Sales. Say goodbye to the manual tasks and confusing features of most customer relationship management systems!

After passing the certification exam and completing the a short practicum, you'll receive a personalized badge for your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile.

The course is 2 hours and is available on-demand.

Get Certified >> 


User Guide | Getting Started with CRM

Everything you need to need to know -- and do -- to get started with the HubSpot CRM and Sales tools. This guide shows you how you can organize your data in the CRM and use the Sales tools to nurture your leads and manage your pipelines.

View the Guide >>

Sales Pro Training

HubSpot Academy Sales Pro Training

These 10-minute video courses build on the free Sales Software Certification. If you're looking for brief training on specific HubSpot Sales Pro features, look no further than the links below.

Sales Rep Training

CRM Admin Training


User Guide | Getting Started with Sales Pro

Everything you need to need to know -- and do -- to get started with your HubSpot Sales Pro account. This guide covers some CRM fundamentals, and walks through using each of the Sales Pro tools effectively. 

View the Guide >>

Product Overview Video

Learn the differences between HubSpot's free and paid sales products. You can also download and re-purpose the slides for client presentations.

Watch the video >>

Grow my Business

Sales Partner growth coach, Sam Belt, walks through an overview of what type of clients are a good fit for HubSpot Sales software.


  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Tips for Discovery Calls
  • Prospecting Email Templates
  • [Video Training] Delivering Sales Services

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each Wednesday at 11:00am EST, we host a group coaching call for all HubSpot Partners.

View the library of past coachings calls >>

Signup for future coaching calls >> 

Tips for Discovery Calls

Learn how to identify 'good fit' prospects on a discovery call with 17 qualifying questions to ask, including one 'magic' question that's guaranteed to get an emotional response. You'll also learn which specific product features solve your client's pain points.

Watch the recording >> 

Prospecting Email Templates

The most common question our growth coaches get is by far is: "How can I efficiently pitch CRM implementation services to new prospects?" That's why we created a five-email sequence written in plain English that can be adapted to pitch a technical service or solution.

Get the templates >> 

[Video Training] Delivering Sales Services

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