Solutions Partner Program Details

To show solutions partners the same level of investment they’ve shown HubSpot, we offer access to dedicated resources, benefits, and tools designed to help you and your customers grow better.

  1. Integrated

    When you become a solutions partner, you’re laying the foundation for a deeper relationship with your clients and a new phase of growth. In addition to 20% lifetime commission for solutions partners, solutions partners receive access to the premium benefits below.

Your All-Access Pass to Growth

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    New Avenues for Business Growth

    • Receive dedicated technical and business support from our world class in-house team.
    • Get matched with a dedicated product consultant and Account Manager from HubSpot to help you with onboarding, implementation, sales, growth strategy, and pricing and packaging current and new services.
    • Waive the HubSpot onboarding fee for your clients, so you can offer better, more cost-friendly services with better margins.
    • Access 1340+ integrations on the HubSpot platform so you can extend your service offerings and create additional revenue streams.
    • Get more visibility in the HubSpot Solutions Directory, where our 167K+ global customers shop for service providers.
    • Earn additional benefits through tiers—from gold tier to elite tier—based on success you’ve achieved for your clients using HubSpot.
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    Education to Grow Your Skillset

    • Enroll in exclusive partner Academy training and certifications, plus 1:1 role-based trainings for your team so you can stand out from the competition.
    • Join bootcamps on pipeline generation, account management, and sales to keep your skills sharp.
    • Get expert coaching on your sales techniques, process, and pipeline development.
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    Community of Growth-minded People

    • Join a global community of like-minded peers to help you grow and fill in the gaps in your service offerings.
    • Enjoy exclusive access to partner-specific events that are dedicated to solutions partners and their service offerings as you move up in tier.
    • Get access to the Partner Resource Center, a central location for all the HubSpot partner resources that help you service your clients and grow your business.

Solutions Partner Package

Become a solutions partner and unlock all the benefits that come with a deeper partnership with HubSpot, your clients, and the partner community.

Starting from /month*

Billed monthly

* Must have any Professional or Enterprise level of HubSpot software. Onboarding required (one-time fee).

  • Revenue share
  • Waive onboarding fees for your clients (up to value per client)
  • Dedicated point of contact for sales support
  • Dedicated point of contact for business strategy and implementation support
  • Access to partner-level certifications and credentials
  • HubSpot Solutions Directory listing with more visibility in search results
  • Chance to earn additional benefits as your business grows through the program

Not ready to start with the Solutions Partner package?

You can still dip your toe in the partnership waters. Start small and apply to become a solutions provider, and/or get listed in the HubSpot Solutions Directory so you can get discovered by 167K+ HubSpot customers worldwide.