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Integrations Innovation Award Winner

Watch the video above learn more about the incredible results Prism Global Marketing Solutions was able to achieve for their client, leading genetic testing company, Natera, through integrations.

The Integrations Innovation award recognizes creative uses of our HubSpot Connect integrations that allowed Partners to create unique services for your clients.

Natera® is a leading genetic testing company that develops and commercializes non-invasive methods for analyzing DNA. They were seeking a unique solution to connect with their growing global audience. The traditional "batch" email is not very effective in this case because it doesn't take into account data that you have on an individual on when they typically engage with email. They invited Prism Global Marketing Solutions to implement HubSpot integrated with Seventh Sense in order to improve their email through time personalization and randomization, as well as testing with a control group.

Over 6 months, the team at Prism Global Marketing Solutions built a new email program that enjoyed the incredible results shown below.


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    Contacts Re-engaged

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    Increase in Net New Contacts

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    Average Engagement Increase

Prism Global Marketing Solutions

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