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Free Business Card Scanner App

Transform your business cards into CRM contacts in seconds, so you can spend less time inputting data and more time creating great customer experiences.
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Next time, skip the manual scanning.

Bring your business cards into your CRM with a few taps of your thumb. No manual entry, extra employees, or expensive apps required.

Create and enrich contacts and companies instantly.

Scanning contacts into HubSpot takes three simple steps. Grab that pile of business cards from your last trade show, open the HubSpot app on iOS or Android, and click “create contact.” From there, HubSpot will automatically parse the data on the card and map it to the right HubSpot properties. Once the contact is created, you get all the power of HubSpot behind it - automatic contact-company association, the ability to send tracked follow-up emails, calling, tasks and much more.

Scan smarter over time with machine learning.

Most business card scanners are static. If they scan or process a card wrong once, they’ll make the same mistake the next time. HubSpot learns as it goes: our scanning technology uses machine learning to predict which data point should match to which property. That means it’s not just more accurate now; it gets even smarter over time.

Skip the fees. Go free instead.

Most business card scanners are free for a few cards, then get expensive quickly. Think: hundreds of dollars per year expensive. For a growing company, those fees can add up fast. HubSpot’s scanner is free forever. No arbitrary limits, no hidden fees.


A business card scanner is an app for your phone or computer that scans physical business cards and transcribes them as contact records into your CRM, sales leads, or lead management software. Instead of spending tons of time manually entering data after a networking event or conference, individuals can use a business card scanner to ensure information gets entered accurately and quickly into their system and they can get their email marketing or sales cycle started quickly. 

HubSpot’s business card scanner app is free to use and available on iOS or Android. You can use it without HubSpot’s CRM tools or other HubSpot software, but in tandem, it makes for a powerful addition to your marketing and sales efforts. Automatically send contact information and business card data directly into the contact record for all of your customer-facing teams to leverage.

Popular features of HubSpot’s business card scanner include:

  • Automatic data entry into your CRM
  • AI scanner gets more competent and more intelligent with every business card you scan
  • Email sequences and automation functionality to make sure leads never slip through the cracks

HubSpot’s business card scanner is free.

A business card scanner is instant to set up. All you need to do is download the app for Android or iOS and collect a few business cards. Meeting new contacts and collecting the cards will probably take longer than getting the app up and running on your device.

Start scanning now.

The HubSpot business card scanner app starts free and stays free. Download it today using the links below