How HubSpot is Different

    Chad Pollitt


    "The difference I see between HubSpot and other tools is that HubSpot is a complete solution."

    Chad Pollitt
    Director of Marketing, Slingshot SEO

    "The difference I see between HubSpot and other tools is that HubSpot is a complete solution. With HubSpot I get both demand generation and marketing automation capabilities, which allows us to generate highly qualified leads and nurture them through our sales process. Through demand generation and content creation, we're able to generate new, qualified leads for our team. Traditional marketing automation vendors are just as comfortable telling you to go buy a list to generate new leads. This is ineffective."

    "With the marketing automation system we were using in the past, it was extremely difficult for me to get the reporting and analytics that I needed. For everything I needed, I had to custom build the report. It was also difficult to navigate through the system. HubSpot's software is centered around your leads. Everything is tied to the lead so that youre able to track how they're moving through your sales funnel and see how they're interacting with your content."

    "I look at our HubSpot Sources report daily to see what's happened in the past year, last 30 days, as well as that day. Because I'm able to see extremely granular data, I'm able to spot trends that I may have otherwise missed or that might be on the horizon. I also spend a lot of time on our Page Performance report tracking our blog analytics. Since content marketing is such a large part of what we do, I want to be able to give real-time feedback to our blog contributors. With HubSpot, I'm able to see which pieces of content are resonating with our audiences, allowing us to continually improve our efforts."

    "We've seen a substantial amount of growth from using HubSpot. When we first started with HubSpot back in September 2012, we were generating about 15k unique visitors a month. Six months later we hit 25k unique visitors. We also saw substantial results in our lead numbers. With our previous marketing automation system, it was difficult for us to create landing pages. With HubSpot, the process for creating landing pages was easy, which enabled us to capture more leads on our site. Since implementing HubSpot, we've more than doubled our leads."