How HubSpot is Different

    Jeff Furst


    "HubSpot offers the right tools for what we need to do, and we can do it very easily."

    Jeff Furst
    Founder, President, and CEO, FurstPerson, Inc.

    "HubSpot's provides superior value, offering the right mix for our company. They combine an intuitive system, thought leadership, and strategy that we can easily apply to our own marketing."

    "HubSpot enables us to make a connection with a prospective customer. We create content and valuable offers to get our prospects to raise their hand and tell us who they are. We then use lead intelligence and lead scoring to associate a visitor with a particular segment. We further manage our sales opportunities through marketing automation so that our sales team can focus on planning and key conversations to drive that opportunity forward."

    "The biggest thing that's different with HubSpot is that it eliminates the obstacle to getting our marketing done. With marketing software that we used in the past, we would try to create a campaign or develop lead scoring, but the barrier to execution was too high. It just seemed overly complex or we would have needed to hire a consultant. We would never end up getting it done. When we switched to HubSpot, those obstacles were removed. We can do things quickly and efficiently. HubSpot offers the right tools for what we need to do, and we can do it very easily. We found that HubSpot is just more practical. We're actually able to do the things we wanted to do from the very start."

    "With previous systems, one of the other challenges was with their support. I would often have to escalate to get heard. HubSpot is the opposite. Our consultant was very helpful, easy to talk with, and helped us frame things in the right way. Their on-going technical support is the same way. If we have a question, it gets resolved and they follow up quickly. The training that HubSpot offers is great as well. I recently had a new marketing person start on my team, and she's been able to utilize the online resources to easily find what she needs. It's been a very positive experience, and reinforces the application's ease of use."