How HubSpot is Different

    Rob Seaver


    "No matter the size of the company you work at, HubSpot treats you as if you're their most important customer."

    Rob Seaver
    Lead Generation Specialist, GannettLocal

    "When we started with HubSpot, we had zero inbound marketing initiatives. We really had to build out our strategy from the ground up. What's great about HubSpot is that I can see our efforts paying off in terms of visitors and leads finding us organically. These prospects are more engaged from the start. I can track and monitor everything to see which of my efforts are working and which ones aren't."

    "HubSpot has a great, easy-to-use interface that allows me to keep my marketing organized. With other systems I've used in the past, it was difficult to find and manage the different components of my marketing campaigns. If you weren't extremely disciplined about things like file names and structure, it got complicated really fast."

    "HubSpot delivers the reporting and analytics you need out of the box. With other systems I've used, you either had to be a programmer or extremely skilled technically to get what you needed. With HubSpot, I can easily understand how my campaigns are performing and get the answers that I need. The intuitive nature of everything in HubSpot just makes it easier to use."

    "My experience as a HubSpot customer has been great. In addition to GannettLocal, I used HubSpot at previous employer that was a much smaller company. Both of my experiences with being a HubSpot customer have mirrored each other. No matter the size of the company you work at, they treat you as if you're their most important customer. They understand what it is to deliver great customer service."

    "The inbound marketing consultant that I worked with was fantastic. He helped me quickly define my goals and create a path to success. It's easy to get excited about something during the buying process; it's another to deliver on that promise. HubSpot does that through their software and the people you work with. You have a coach that's pushing you to meet your goals and cheering you on along the way. When you commit to HubSpot and inbound marketing, they commit back to you."