Rob Sobers at Varonis

      "The biggest difference with HubSpot is that it gives us the visibility we need to understand the ROI for each of our marketing activities."

      Rob Sobers
      Director of Inbound Marketing, Varonis 

      About Varonis: Since 2005, Varonis has been quietly making the world a safer place for digital collaboration, using big data analytics to secure the most valuable information an organization has: its human-generated content.  For the past year and half, Varonis has been using HubSpot to rapidly accelerate its growth, rising to over 2,000 customers and 5,000 installations of its products.

      "The biggest difference with HubSpot is that it gives us the visibility we need to understand the ROI for each of our marketing activities. This data is critical to our business. With HubSpot, we're able to easily see where our traffic is coming from and which of our marketing efforts are producing the most traffic, leads, and trials of our product. We can compare different marketing channels and how performance changes over time, allowing us to see where our marketing dollars are being spent most effectively. The analytics and reporting I get with HubSpot has been the biggest benefit to using the software. I'm able to easily track and analyze my marketing in a way that wasn't possible with the previous marketing software we were using."

      "I've followed HubSpot for a number of years, even before becoming a customer. My relationship with HubSpot really began back in 2009. I met Dharmesh Shah, one of the co-founders of HubSpot, at an event where he was giving a talk. His presentation really resonated with me. Dharmesh spoke about his approach to building HubSpot as a company focused on a culture of transparency and doing what's right for the customer. I walked away from the event knowing that HubSpot was a company I could trust and would want to do business with."

      "Now that I'm a HubSpot customer, I can say that my experience has mirrored my initial impression of the company. Being a HubSpot customer has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. Their software is easy to use, and I can't say enough positive things about the level of customer service I've received, whether it's from their technical support, consultants, or account managers. I've also had the opportunity to meet with their product managers, developers, and marketing team as part of participating in their Beta Group. Having that level of access and support from the entire HubSpot team has been fantastic. HubSpot has been a great partner in our marketing success."

      "I would highly recommend HubSpot to other marketers. HubSpot gives me the software I need to generate leads for my business and track my marketing activities for effectiveness. They deliver excellent customer service to help you at each point along the way."