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Deliver more customer value with HubSpot apps for Service Hub

Align your teams, tools, and data on a unified customer service platform, so you can connect with customers in an effective and meaningful way. 
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Scale Support & Drive Retention

Explore and install apps that combine the power of Service Hub with tools that multiply your efforts. Maximize your HubSpot investment, so users go from simply meeting expectations to helping customers grow better. 

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Service Hub customers with apps installed see their ticket close rate improve by 32% on average after 12 months of consistent usage.

Source: Service Hub Customers with Apps: Ticket Close Rate Performance

Essential Apps for Customer Service

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Your work, all in one place

Avoid the distraction of context switching by integrating your most valued apps with HubSpot. Make more informed decisions faster, knowing that all the right information is flowing between your tools and teams.

Grow better with HubSpot apps

Whether you're connecting an existing tech stack or discovering new tools to power your organization, HubSpot apps help you get more out of your investment. Learn more about some of the 1,500+ apps available in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Aircall & HubSpot: Delivering for Our Customers

The Aircall app for HubSpot helps our joint customers improve their sales and support processes, coaching, and ultimately, their own customer experience.

Arrows & HubSpot: Powering Up Customer Onboarding

Learn how to scale your customer onboarding process through increased structure, automation, and visibility by using tickets in Service Hub and Arrows.

Pendo & HubSpot: Optimizing Product Experience

Sync key business data between HubSpot and Pendo, so you can leverage insights from across your tech stack to improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Segment & HubSpot: Mobilizing Customer Insights

With the Segment app for HubSpot, instead of dedicating time to hunting down user activity across multiple platforms, teams can focus on delivering personalized experiences — all with no code required.

SurveyMonkey & HubSpot: Improving Customer Experience

When teams have easy access to real-time customer feedback, they can take immediate action to improve. These iterative changes increase client satisfaction and remove friction from marketing, sales, and service workflows.

Zuper & HubSpot: Growing Your Service Business

Most businesses today are tackling rising customer expectations with smarter tech, implementing tools like Zuper to improve operations, productivity, cost-savings, and customer experience.