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Single Sign-on in HubSpot

Enable your users to log in quickly, conveniently, and securely using SSO.
In today’s world, security is paramount. A great way for businesses to improve security is by setting up Single Sign-on (SSO). The idea behind SSO is simple: rather than having every one of your team members log into every one of your systems using different credentials, SSO gives team members one account to use across all systems. That means better security (fewer passwords to protect) and a more convenient end user experience (fewer passwords to remember). Plus, SSO providers have extra security benefits built in.
HubSpot supports SSO providers that use SAML 2.0, like Okta, Microsoft Azure, and OneLogin. SSO is available in CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub at the Enterprise tier.

Increase security for your organization

SSO providers have strong security built in. Think: advanced two factor authentication, stringent password expiration requirements, password length criteria, and more. Implementing SSO with HubSpot, you can add those extra security layers to every HubSpot login by requiring your users to log in with SSO.

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Save time for your administrators

How many of your help desk calls are related to password resets? With SSO, accounts are easy for systems administrators to manage. Simply add your users to your HubSpot account, and manage their security through your SSO provider. Fewer calls for administrators means time and money saved. With the exclusions feature, you can make sure that important users who may not have credentials on your SSO provider can still do their work in HubSpot.

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Create a more convenient experience for your end users

No more remembering fifteen passwords to enter throughout the day, all with their own length, complexity, and expiration requirements. One password to rule them all means your employees spend less time managing lost credentials, and more time helping your business grow.

Secure your company's logins now.

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