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WordPress Analytics

Track every campaign, every channel, and metric — all from your WordPress dashboard.

Analytics panel in HubSpot WordPress plugin
  • HubSpot’s WordPress plugin is free to use. If you’re looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your business operations, HubSpot also offers premium plans with Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Marketing Hub.
    • Get insights into the pages that visitors are looking at on your WordPress website.
    • Combine data with the HubSpot CRM to see how companies & contacts interact with your site.
    • Add forms, live chat, popups, and more from the same all-in-one WordPress plugin.
  1. One WordPress Plugin for All Your Marketing

    Our HubSpot WordPress plugin lets you combine all of your marketing in one easy-to-use tool. Even better, HubSpot integrates with over 1,000 other tools and apps to let you connect data with the programs you already love.

    In addition to analytics, HubSpot gives you access to a robust CRM, email marketing, forms, chatbots, and more.

  1. Measure Every Campaign in One Place

    HubSpot helps you set up campaigns for email, social media, landing pages, ad spending, and more. Track the performance of each of these platforms from one dashboard, inside WordPress. Create detailed reports showcasing the overall performance or specific metrics.

    Combine the data from the HubSpot CRM with your analytics to see how individual companies or contacts interact with your campaigns. Measure these changes over time and take steps to make changes, all from within HubSpot’s WordPress plugin.
  2. Analyze Your Website’s Conversion Potential

    Get a complete view of your website’s performance with detailed WordPress analytics on everything from traffic sources to the conversion rate of a specific URL.

    Measure the quality of your traffic for each page and your entire website. See which traffic sources bring in the most visitors and which bring in the visitors that convert. Look over specific periods and countries and see which pages visitors are landing on.
  3. Track Every Channel

    HubSpot analytics in the HubSpot WordPress plugin lets you see all of your marketing channels in one convenient dashboard. Compare the effectiveness of your social media marketing to email, CTAs, and direct website traffic.

    Create reports to track the data you’re most interested in. Then, add these reports to your main dashboard to never miss an update. You can create reports for campaigns, goals, sales teams, or any other metric you’re interested in.

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