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HubSpot Solutions Architecture Design Accreditation

Solutions partner accreditation for delivering solutions for customers of all sizes who have complex, technical use cases
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Last updated June 1, 2023


About This Program

The HubSpot Solutions Architecture Design Accreditation is a credential that validates the skills and strategic experience required to demonstrate your experience in designing, configuring, and customizing complex and innovative solutions to solve advanced customer use cases and drive business results, incorporating multiple tools and features across HubSpot’s CRM platform suite.

In addition to product-specific knowledge, this requires a high level of technical capability with HubSpot’s ecosystem along with skills in needs assessment, solution design and project and change management.

This accreditation is appropriate for partners delivering solutions for customers of all sizes who have complex, technical use cases.

Get all of the information you need in order to prepare for the judging process!

Download the Preparation Guide Download the preparation guide here

Which partners are eligible for this accreditation?

You can apply for this accreditation if you:

  • Are a Platinum, Diamond or Elite partner
  • Have completed solutions architecture design projects within the last 12 months and have access and the right to share documents, proposals, project plans, and resources leveraged with HubSpot
  • Meet the HubSpot Academy certification prerequisites as outlined in the Prerequisites section below

What are the benefits of earning this accreditation?

  • Improved recognition and discoverability in the Solutions Directory
  • Potential access to new program launches
  • Possible invitations to new product betas
  • Possible consideration for engagement with some of HubSpot’s largest and most complex deals




How it Works

To apply for this accreditation, partners should first verify that their organization has completed the prerequisite certifications (see below).

From there, the application process consists of three rounds:

Before applying, partners should verify that they have at least 3 certified users across a total of 5 different employees for each of the following certifications:

  • Marketing Hub Implementation
  • Sales Hub Implementation
  • Marketing Hub Software
  • Sales Hub Software
  • Service Hub Software
  • Platform Consulting
  • Data Integrations
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Objectives-Based Onboarding
  • HubSpot Reporting

Before applying, partners should also verify that they have at least two certified users for each of the following certifications:

  • CMS for Developers
  • HubSpot Architecture I
  • HubSpot Architecture II

If you would like to have your team members upload their own evidence of certifications, simply click on "Invite Collaborators" at the top-right corner of this page and provide their email addresses

Additional Prerequisites

  • Have at least 3 FTEs at your organization
  • Completed 2+ Solution Architecture Design Projects within the last 12 months that meet at least one the following criteria:
    • Option 1: Multi-Hub project, that included Sales or Service Hub Pro/Ent AND Operations Hub Pro or Ent (excluding Data Sync features)
      • Leveraging tools across these Hubs together to solve a business challenge or grow a customer with your solution
    • Option 2: Solution involving at least 3 of the following tools
      • Data modeling connected to sales or service pipelines
      • Workflow automation used for marketing and sales processes (not simply email nurture)
      • Custom Report Builder
      • (Optional, Recommended): Utilizing integration (process begins with, ends with or driven by integration data)
    • Option 3: Solution required customizing the CRM, including one of the following
      • Deploying UI extensibility features (Projects in 'CRM Development' tab)
      • Deploying custom CRM cards through an oAuth integrated application
      • Deploying a custom workflow extension

You can review the entire prerequisite list of certifications in the Accreditations Prerequisite Learning Path here.

After meeting the prerequisite certifications, you will submit an application (one person per partner entity) including basic information about your organization and a series of real-world, existing business artifacts related to your work with clients related to solution architecture engagements. You will also be asked to provide contact information for a referenceable client for HubSpot to contact to solicit feedback about their experience with your organization.

Between Rounds One and Two: Your application will be reviewed by the Hubspot team to determine if you will move forward to Round Two. You will be notified by email of your application status, and should also be able to check via your Submittable account.

In this round, you will be asked to upload a video case study reviewing a first-hand, successful end-to-end experience with a solution architecture engagement with a HubSpot customer. This round will also be where the customers submitted from Round One will be contacted by HubSpot. You will also be asked to complete an interview with a HubSpot subject-matter expert (SME) as it relates to the technical nature of solutions architecture.

In this round, you will be asked to complete a 30-minute interview and question-and-answer (Q&A) session in which a HubSpot subject-matter expert (SME) will ask you clarifying questions about your case study and business artifact submissions from the previous rounds.

After Round Three: Your application will be reviewed by the Hubspot team to determine if the accreditation will be awarded. You will be notified by email of your accreditation status, and should also be able to check via Submittable. 

If you are awarded the accreditation, you will be notified by email. You should then expect to receive an “offboarding” email from the Accreditations team with next steps. You will also receive the Solutions Architecture Design designation in the Solutions Partner Directory.

Application Window Closes: 9/20/23

Round One Decision: Mid October

Round Two Deadline: Early November

Round Two Decision: Early December

Round Three Deadline: Mid December

Final Decision: Early December

For more details about the prerequisites, application prompts, and required materials as it relates to applying to this accreditation, download and review the Preparation Guide.

Office Hours and Fireside Chats

Accreditation Office Hours

Accreditation Office Hours is a virtual event dedicated to helping HubSpot Solution Partners understand how to validate their advanced expertise and sophisticated skills through getting accredited. 

Join HubSpotters from the Academy team, Integrated Customer Success team, and Partner Marketing team to learn about the different accreditations offered, understand what it takes to get accredited, and review the application process.

During Accreditation Office Hours, you can expect to:

  • Learn the difference between accreditations and certifications
  • Get an understanding of each available accreditation 
  • Review criteria requirements and gain access to prerequisite checklists
  • Gain knowledge about the accreditation process 
  • Understand benefits of being an accredited partners
  • Have time to ask questions and get them answered live 

Accreditation Fireside Chats

Accreditation Fireside Chats is a virtual event dedicated to helping HubSpot Solution Partners by providing clarity on specific accreditations. 

Join HubSpot SMEs to dive into specific accreditation details. During Fireside Chats you can expect to:

  • Understand the ideal customer profile
  • Learn how to put together a compelling submission 
  • Gain knowledge about what our judges want to see in your submissions 
  • Have time to ask questions and get them answered live 

How to Apply

Applications are currently closed

2024 window announced in Q4 of 2023