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HubSpot Solutions Partner Accreditations

For validating partners expertise and sophisticated skills to deliver sales and services in the HubSpot ecosystem.


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The next application window for accreditations opens on August 5.


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About HubSpot Partner Credentials

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You earn credentials from HubSpot, such as a certification or accreditation, that validates a certain area and level of expertise. 

Individuals earn certifications, while organizations can earn both certifications and accreditations. Any qualified individual can earn a certification, and today an organization must be a HubSpot solutions partner in good standing in order to apply for accreditation. 

When we know what expert knowledge and skills you or your organization has, we can better connect you with the right customers through our matching programs, like the Solutions Partner Directory and new programs we’re piloting like Partner Scaled Onboarding.



Available HubSpot Accreditations

HubSpot Accreditations have two applications windows each year. 

The first application window opens in the first half of the year typically opening in February with applications closing in March. Partners who are accepted are then accredited in May-June. 

The second application window opens in the second half of year typically opening in August and closing in September. Partners who are accepted are then accredited in November.

Below, you'll find more details about eight six accreditations and the status of each.

The next application window for accreditations opens on August 5

Upcoming Accreditations (August 2024)

Next Window (early 2025)

Accreditation Live Sessions

Accreditation Office Hours

Accreditation Office Hours are held weekly in June where you can book some time with our team to help HubSpot Solution Partners understand how to validate their expertise and skills through getting accredited. 

Book a meeting now

Meet with people from the Accreditations team to learn about the different accreditations offered, understand what it takes to get accredited, and review the application process.

During Accreditation Office Hours, you may ask the following questions:

  • What are the differences between accreditations and certifications?
  • What are the available accreditations?
  • What are the criteria requirements and prerequisites?
  • What is the accreditation process like?
  • What are the benefits of being an accredited partners?

You should attend a HubSpot Accreditation Office Hours if you are new to the Accreditation process and seeking to put in your first applications.

Accreditation Expert Sessions

These virtual events, formerly known as Fireside Chats, are dedicated to providing an in-depth review of each Accreditation. 

Leading HubSpot Subject-Matter experts (SMEs) drive the conversations and in each Expert Session you can expect to:

  • Understand the ideal customer profile
    Learn how to put together a compelling submission
  • Gain knowledge about what our judges want to see in your submissions
  • Ask questions about specific accreditations

You should join HubSpot Accreditation Expert Sessions if you are interested in learning from SMEs regarding the specifics of each Accreditations and gain deeper application knowledge regarding the Accreditation process.

HubSpot's CRM Implementation and Onboarding Accreditations

Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 11:00 AM EDT

HubSpot's Content Experience Accreditation

Tuesday, July 23, 2024 | 11:00 AM EDT

HubSpot's Platform Enablement and Solutions Architecture Design Accreditation.

Thursday, July 25, 2024 | 11:00 AM EDT


Each HubSpot Accreditation requires a specific number of HubSpot Academy Certifications to be completed prior to submitting an application. Provided here is the list of required prerequisite certifications. These certifications validate the baseline knowledge and foundational skills you need to have in order to be considered qualified candidates for the accreditation process. To meet the requirements of applying review the following standards: 

  • Select an internal team consisting of no less than three and no more than five full-time (cannot be freelancers or contractors) employees to satisfy the prerequisite certification requirements.
  • Verify that three out of the five employees are certified in each prerequisite certification listed under the Essential Certification Pack. Please note: The same three users do not need to be certified in each prerequisite — the users can vary across the five employees.
  • You should verify that two out of the five employees are certified in each accreditation-specific prerequisite listed under the Accreditation-Specific Prerequisite Certifications if you wish to become accredited in a focus area listed. Please note: The same two users do not need to be certified in each prerequisite — the users can vary across the five employees.
  • You should be approved as a HubSpot Solutions Partner with a tier of Platinum or above and in good standing with HubSpot. Being in “good standing” means that a partner has not violated their HubSpot Solutions Partner Program Agreement.

Post-Accreditation Opportunities

Certain accredited partners may be eligible to participate in these opportunities. Please contact your PDM for more information.
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Current Accredited Partners

Accreditations FAQ

To apply for accreditation, your team must first be at the Platinum, Diamond, or Elite tiers. They must also review the coursework and casework requirements before submitting their application.

The deadline provided for each accreditation refers to the first round of the application process. We won’t accept any new applications after the window closes but will continue to process applications that were submitted on-time. All partners who apply by the deadline will receive a final decision within approximately 90 days.

A group of 1-5 people at the partner organization must meet the certification prerequisites. You can divide the prerequisites among this group to meet the requirements, but you cannot include more than five individuals. Here are some examples of how you can split the prereqs among your team:

  • Persons 1, 2, and 3 complete the Marketing Hub Implementation certification
  • Persons 3, 4, and 5 complete the Sales Hub Implementation certification
  • Persons 2, 3, and 5 complete the Marketing Hub Software certification

No. While accreditations and other credentials (tier, certifications) each have their own inherent benefits, like differentiation in the marketplace, becoming accredited doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be included in matching programs. Instead, partners are invited to participate in matching programs on a case-by-case basis.

Partners from any region can apply to become accredited if they meet the requirements. 

CRM and Onboarding Accreditations accept applications in English, Spanish, and French. All other accreditations require applications and any supporting documents to be submitted in English.  Further localization is on our roadmap and more information will be provided when available.

The majority of the prerequisite certifications are available in the Academy App in Spanish, French, and German.




Partners who applied but didn’t receive an accreditation may reapply during any application window when the accreditation is offered. 

You must be at the Platinum, Diamond, or Elite tiers to apply for and receive an accreditation. If you downtier below Platinum after receiving the accreditation, your accreditation(s) will be revoked. 

The learning path site estimates that it takes approximately 35 hours to complete the prerequisites if you haven’t yet completed any of the certifications prior to applying. 

If you’ve already completed a certification, you can subtract the total number of hours it took to complete from the estimated 35. Check out the website linked above to learn how many hours each certification is estimated to take.

Please note: Because we ask for artifacts that you should have already produced for customer engagements, we hope that it will take you less time to assemble. For example, you may only need to tweak an existing project plan or integration doc to include the required data points (size of company, etc.).

The HubSpot Solutions Directory lists all of our solutions partners and providers. It allows customers to search and filter by things, like accreditation, service, country, language, or budget.

No. At this time, solutions providers aren’t eligible to apply or participate in accreditations.

Please note: The HubSpot Solutions Partner Program has two levels: solutions provider and solutions partner. Be sure to use these links to learn more about each.

If a partner fully acquires another partner and becomes a single brand entity, all accreditations will be granted to the acquiring company.

If a partner is only a fiscal partner (acquired but separate entities maintained), then individual partner entities retain their accreditations but none are shared.

Starting in 2024, HubSpot accredited partners will be required to follow standards in order to maintain and renew their accreditation status after its initial grant date. 

These standards include staying at or above the platinum tier, keeping the prerequisite certifications associated with your accreditation active and in good standing, and continuing to deliver high-quality services to clients as profiled by your accreditation. 

Failure to meet these standards may result in a failure to renew and having your accreditation revoked.

No. All certifications, work, experience, and examples need to be completed by full-time employees of your organization. The HubSpot accreditation team will verify whether the individuals listed are full-time, part-time, contractors, or freelancers of your organization. If they’re found to be non-full-time employees, your application will be rejected.