HubSpot for Startups Series A Program for AWS Activate Members

AWS Activate members who are also part of a Series A accelerator can now qualify for HubSpot for Startups Program! Learn how you can take advantage of HubSpot discounted software, resources, and more.

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HubSpot for Startups is has partnered with AWS Activate to provide an exciting benefit for Activate members! If you are an AWS Activate member AND a member of an approved Series A accelerator, incubator, or VC, you may qualify for 50% off of HubSot's marketing, sales, and CRM platform, educational and training resources, and support so you can grow your startup. Our list of approved accelerators, incubators, and VCs can be found here. If you are not a member of an approved partner, but still an AWS Activate member, you can still get our Bootstrap program discount.

What do you get?

AWS Activate who qualify for HubSpot for Startups Series A Program get:

  • 50% off HubSpot marketing and sales software for the first year, and 25% off the second year
  • Free HubSpot CRM
  • Executive mentorship which shall consist of one x one (1) sessions per quarter with a member of HubSpot’s executive team or such other person that HubSpot may designate in its discretion.
  • Startup Onboarding and ongoing support
  • Access to world-class education, content, and expert resources

How do you qualify?

In order to get access to the HubSpot for Startups Seed program, you'll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the AWS Activate Program
  • Be a member of an approved Series A accelerator or VC
  • Not an existing HubSpot Marketing or Sales Basic, Professional or Enterprise customer. (Existing customers can use the discount towards new products purchased)

Series A Companies: Apply Here

Apply for the HubSpot for Startups Series A program below to take your startup growth to the next level. Once you've submitted the form, you'll be able to choose which products you'd like to apply for.

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    About AWS Activate

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    About HubSpot for Startups

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