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Budget Proposal Template for Word, PDF

Get backing for your project or organization's anticipated spend with this budget proposal template.

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    Template Highlights

    • Describe your project, the anticipated timeline, and how much it will cost (by item and in total)
    • Bring it home with a strong call to action
    • It's easy to customize this template to your organization -- just change the colors and add your own branding
    • Download it as a Word or PDF file
    • Print it, email it, crumple it up, try to throw it in the trashcan, get it in (if no one's watching) but miss by a mile (if there are other people there)

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    Budget Proposal Template

    Budget Proposal Template

    One of the essential steps in launching a new project or venture is requesting a budget to cover the associated costs. Whether you need to ask for internal or external resources, you can use this template to develop a proposal to request funding for your project idea.

    HubSpot Tip: Get to know the organization from which you are requesting funding. What do they think is important information? Adapt this template to meet the specific data your funder requires.

    About the Project

    This section is your chance to convince the funder that your project deserves sponsorship. Describe the nature of the project and why it is important.

    Tell the funder about the people and/or organizations the project would impact. Who are the key players in the project activities? Who will feel the results of its successful implementation?

    Focus on the outcomes of the project. What will funding this project improve in the organization, the community, or the world? What are the goals of the project?

    HubSpot Tip: If appropriate for your industry, you might consider including an evaluation plan to indicate how you will measure the success of the project and whether it meets your stated goals.


    Indicate the period of performance for the project. When do you anticipate starting and by when do you think the project will be completed?

    Consider showing the project timeline graphically, like in the schedule diagram below. If your project timeline is complicated, you might consider separating it into phases.

    HubSpot Tip: While you might expect funders to prefer an aggressive project timeline, they are more likely to react favorably to a schedule with reasonable deadlines. Be sure to account for and document potential risks and schedule slips to show you have thought critically and deeply about your project.

    Cost Information

    Describe your costs to tell the reader how you will use the requested funding. The costs will vary depending on the type of project you are pursuing. Some common cost types include: direct labor, equipment, materials, travel, subscriptions, and facilities.

    Use a table like the one below to organize and present your costs.

    Cost Elements


    Estimated Yearly Cost

    Direct Labor

    10 hours at $100 per hour



    10 machines at $100 each



    10 three-day trips at $1000 each



    1 office space at $1000/month




    HubSpot Tip: You may need to justify your costs with background materials, such as lease agreements for office space, quotes for services or products, or resumes for the staff you plan to hire. Reference these materials in your description of the costs in this section, and then include them in an Appendix at the end of the document.

    Cost Summary

    After providing all of the details in the previous section, you should summarize all of the costs to make the big “ask” to your funder. Clearly present the total amount of funding requested.

    HubSpot Tip: If your costs are ongoing, consider presenting them on an annual basis, to align with the company’s financial calendar.


    Use this section as a call to action from your funder. In a couple of sentences, describe the next steps and summarize the potential impact of your project and the need for the funding. Be persuasive and as clear as possible.

    HubSpot Tip: Provide your contact information (e.g., name, email address, and phone number) in case the reviewers have any questions about your proposal.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    First, gather all the information you have about prior spend -- how much did each department, team, and/or initiative need in the past? This will help you develop accurate estimates. Next, map out your core objectives and the resources and headcount you'll need to achieve them. Include supporting documents like old receipts, vendor quotes, etc.

    Completely free, mate. Once you’ve entered your contact information, you can instantly download this template (along with all the other templates in this collection!). That’s it.

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