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Succession Plan for Excel, Google Sheets, PDF

Enhance your organization’s leadership continuity, improve workforce readiness, and ensure smooth transitions with this succession plan template.

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Available for Excel & Google Sheets & PDF

Template Highlights

  • Evaluate and plan for your organization’s future leadership using this succession plan template.
  • Access the succession plan template in Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF format for easy use and customization.
  • Identify potential leaders, assess their readiness, and plan for their development.
  • Implement required actions tailored to each candidate to enhance their skills and readiness for leadership roles.
  • Print the template in your desired format or share it via email for collaborative succession planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

A succession plan template is a strategic tool that helps organizations identify key positions, select qualified candidates, and train promising employees for future leadership roles. It is an integral part of ensuring a company’s longevity and security.

The template typically includes several crucial components:

  1. Positions: These roles need to be filled, usually revolving around roles critical to the company’s ability to function.
  2. Name: This is the person who currently fills the position.
  3. Required Actions: These are the steps that need to be taken to prepare for the transition. Most succession plans include two to three actions for each role.
  4. Readiness: This system measures how prepared a candidate is for the role.

The template can track multiple roles, retirement status, potential successors, required training, and other information.

Using a succession planning template ensures your organization can easily navigate leadership transitions and other unexpected events. It helps maintain business continuity, particularly during shifting leadership and change.

Yes, these succession planning templates are versatile and can be used across various industries. They are designed to address the unique needs of different sectors.

Yes, this template is completely free of charge and can be customized to suit your requirements.