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Order Form for Excel, Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets

Simplify order management with this easily customizable free online order form template.

    Download Free Template

    Available for Excel & Word & Google Docs & Google Sheets

    Template Highlights

    • The template is available for download in Excel and Microsoft Word or accessible in Google Sheets and Google Docs.
    • The Google Sheets and Excel files come equipped with custom formulas that automatically calculate the total price, saving you the time and effort of manually adding up each item.
    • You have the option to attach your company's logo, enhancing the professional appearance of the order form.
    • Includes a dedicated notes section, allowing you to add any additional information or specific instructions related to the order.


    What is an order form?

    An order form is a customizable document that businesses use to collect purchase details from customers across both digital and print channels.

    Order forms are a standardized way for customers to provide the information required to process all sorts of transactions, including eCommerce purchases, fundraising event orders, and business inventory restocking.

    Here are some key details an order form helps capture:

    • Customer contact information
    • Product or service selections
    • Customization or delivery specifications
    • Quantities
    • Pricing
    • Payment collection
    • Terms and conditions

    When turned into an easy-to-use template, order forms reliably gather the customer details necessary for order processing.

    Benefits of using an order form template

    Consistent order formatting

    When you structure your order forms consistently, it allows you to build systems that improve efficiency. For instance, you can only automate order processing if you have a standardized system that includes quantities, customer information, pricing, and product selections.

    Improved order accuracy

    Without order accuracy, businesses open themselves up to costly errors and inconsistencies that could frustrate customers. A recent survey by Khoros found that 67% of customers have told others about a bad customer care experience. What’s worse, 65% of customers switched brands after a negative experience.

    Implementing order form templates increases accuracy through validation rules and required fields. They also allow self-corrections pre-submission. Together, these benefits help prevent reputational damage and lost sales from order fallout.

    Customized order collection

    While maintaining consistency, tailored order form templates allow businesses to adjust fields, branding, payment, and delivery options to match unique ordering scenarios across industries and use cases.

    If you deliver a product that requires advanced customization, like digital ad campaigns, personalized templates allow you to capture the essential aspects of every order. For example, an order form template can collect key information like audience targeting, creative preferences, and billing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Order templates bring consistency to transactional data collection, reducing errors by enforcing the completion of essential fields. Templates also allow customization, tailoring the ordering experience to unique sales scenarios while maintaining accuracy.

    The easiest way to make an order form is to use our free order form template, which already contains structured fields for capturing required purchase data. Simply download the template, edit it to showcase your products or services, and add your brand details.

    An effective order form template balances clear product displays, strong validation to prevent submission gaps, easy payment and billing accuracy checks, legal agreement checkboxes, and a streamlined path to finalize transactions. The best templates are intuitive for customers and collect the details you need to fulfill orders properly.