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Project Charter for Word, PDF, Google Docs

Make sure your team is on the same page about the objectives, tasks, timeline, risks, and budget of your project with this comprehensive project charter template.

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Template Highlights

  • Download the project charter template as a Microsoft Word document, Google doc, or PDF.
  • Keep the project charter brief - no more than one to two pages - to facilitate ease of use.
  • Provide an overview of the project with details like the Project Manager's name and contact information, the expected project start date, and the estimated budget.
  • Describe the purpose, scope, deliverables, team members, timeline, and potential risks associated with the project.
  • In the risk matrix, be sure to propose strategies for avoiding or mitigating the risks you have identified.
  • Include a section for approval by the project sponsor and project manager.

Template Preview

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Project Charter

Project Charter Template

The main purpose of a project charter is to gain consensus around the project objectives, activities, schedule, potential risks, and budget. Developed by the project manager at the outset of the project timeline, the charter usually requires approval by the project sponsor. After receiving approval, it should be reviewed by all members of the project team.

HubSpot Tip: The project charter should not replace a project plan or work plan. The charter should be brief (one to two pages) and provide a high-level summary of each aspect of the project, while the project plan provides additional detail and depth.

Project Overview

Start the charter with a table providing all of the essential information about the project.

Project Name:

Project Sponsor:

Project Manager (PM):

PM Email Address:

PM Phone Number:

Business Unit:

Expected Start Date:

Expected Completion Date:

Estimated Budget:

HubSpot Tip: Include contact information for any important players, most notably, the project manager.

Project Description

In this section, you should aim to convey the essence of the project to the reader. Each sentence should be no longer than a paragraph.


Describe the reason the team is undertaking this project. What are the client’s needs?


Explain what will be included in the project tasks and briefly summarize what will not.

Key Deliverables

List the main services or products that the team will provide to the client.


Provide a list of the team members, facilities, equipment, and other items that are essential to the success of the project. Use a simple table, like the one shown below.

Team Members



Other Resources


You have already identified the expected start and end dates of the project. In this section, tell the reader when the most important project activities are expected to occur.

Key Milestone

Start Date

Completion Date


Note any risks to project success, indicating their potential impact on the budget and timeline. Consider expanding on this list in a separate risk management plan.

Potential Risk

Perceived Impact

Proposed Mitigation Strategy

Approval and Signatures

The project sponsor should review and approve the project plan. Include a signature line directly in the project charter.

______________________________ ______________________________

[Name], Project Sponsor [Name], Project Manager

HubSpot Tip: In many organizations, approval of the project charter by the sponsor signals permission for the team to begin working on the project tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

A project charter describes the entire project, including the purpose, scope, deliverables, resources, schedule, and risks. It is meant to document and gain consensus around these project details. Often, activities on a project cannot begin until the charter is approved by the project sponsor.

Typically, the project manager creates the charter and the project sponsor approves it. Every member of the team should review the project charter once it has been approved.

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