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ClassPass Uses Content Hub to Increase Conversion Rates

The team at ClassPass needed an easy-to-use Content Hub that allowed them to update their website quickly and easily. Learn how HubSpot helped the company better manage its website and increase lead conversion rates by 52%.

  • 52% increase in conversions


ClassPass was founded in 2013 as a flexible network of fitness and wellness experiences. Members can book workouts in over 30,000 studios, as well as beauty and wellness experiences and treatments.


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    Looking for a CMS Integrated Into Marketing Efforts

    Amanda Raines, the Head of B2B Marketing at ClassPass, oversees the marketing efforts for the company’s partnerships and workplace wellness program. The B2B team manages all of the “ClassPass inventory” (studios, wellness providers, and companies who want to offer ClassPass to their employees). This inventory changes quickly as teams and companies book classes or wellness experiences, and requires Amanda’s team to act quickly based on available inventory.

    As a fast-growing business, ClassPass needed to update their business stats and partners frequently, but were depending on complicated systems and the schedule of their technical team. “When I started at ClassPass, our website updates were managed by the engineering team. To get anything changed, even just copy, we had to get our ask approved as part of a 6-week sprint,” Amanda recalls.

    The marketing team was also looking to centralize all their partner data in one system, and reduce the number of tools they were using to track partner engagement and lead generation.

    “Relying on so many different systems to feed data back and forth opens up several points of failure. Keeping our CMS and marketing automation within HubSpot gives my entire team the data we need, at the speed our business is operating at,” Amanda comments.

    The process of selecting a new CMS involved Amanda and Eddie Tang, the Senior Marketing Automation Manager, who received an internal company award of “HubSpot super-user”. “I’m not kidding! He received an award which I proudly pinned up on the wall in front of his desk,” Amanda adds.

    The team at ClassPass needed to make sure the tool they chose wouldn’t require any heavy lifting from the engineering team. With this in mind, HubSpot Content Hub was the clear choice for marketers at ClassPass.

    “When evaluating where we would host our websites, we knew we needed a platform that was easy to use, that anyone on the team could jump into and run a test or make an edit,” Amanda says. The team was already using HubSpot Marketing Hub, so the idea of keeping their systems within one platform also influenced the final decision.

    The Flexibility to Update Their Website as Fast as They Grow

    ClassPass cites two main reasons for switching to Content Hub: centralizing all their marketing efforts into a single platform and pushing the ownership of their website into the hands of the marketing team, instead of the engineering team.

    This way, the marketers could make updates to the website that were critical to their goals. After switching to Content Hub, ClassPass saw a 52% increase in their lead conversion rate from their website. They were also able to better understand their leads, and reduce the internal work required to ensure all their disparate marketing tools were working together.

    Another advantage the team saw using Content Hub was the ability to update their website whenever they needed, adding their latest partnership stats or updating the copy on any web page. Because the number of partners on their platform is continuously growing, updates occur regularly. HubSpot Content Hub allows them to make these updates easily.

    “We can go right in and quickly adjust the number of partners we work with or update product information. It’s given us the flexibility to move as fast as we grow”, Amanda says.

    With Content Hub, ClassPass is able to measure the success of their website with attribution reports by page and channel. The reporting tool allows them to understand precisely where their traffic is coming from, what converts best, and if their form conversions are increasing.

    “One of the biggest goals we had was to increase our lead generation and be able to test and build out our website without relying on a significant time investment on behalf of engineering,” Amanda adds.

    Content Hub is scaling with ClassPass as they grow. Amanda and her team love that the Content Hub lets them build web assets that can be reused and leveraged to build pages quickly.

    “A benefit we saw from using Content Hub was the ability to use the modules that we created for the website on our landing pages as well,” Amanda adds. Content Hub also gave them control over the permissions each user had, allowing them to give users different levels of access to the CMS based on role within the company.

    In the future, ClassPass is planning to migrate their blog to Content Hub so they can have everything managed within the same platform. As a satisfied customer, they recommend Content Hub to any fast-growing business looking to have a CMS deeply integrated with marketing solutions.

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