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Cybereason ignited faster and smarter growth with HubSpot

Cybereason, a cybersecurity company, is experiencing record business development with a massive customer base growth in the past 12 months. This evolution was fueled and made possible by HubSpot tools and integrations since it concentrates all their sales and marketing efforts into a single platform.


Cybereason is the leader in endpoint protection, offering endpoint detection and response, next-generation antivirus, managed monitoring and IR services. Founded by elite intelligence professionals born and bred in offense-first hunting, Cybereason gives enterprises the upper hand over cyber adversaries.


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    Multiple sales touchpoints, a single hub to connect everything

    Cybereason sells a sophisticated product to a sophisticated buyer through a multi-touch sales process that requires a significant amount of time. The lengthy sales cycle was spread throughout different platforms, which made the marketing and sales teams identify the need for a tool capable of integrating all the sales touchpoints to make their lives easier.

    Patrick Shea, the Vice President of Marketing Growth & Operations, remembers that when he started at the company three years ago, the team went through all the tools they had in place to see what could help them grow and support scalability. “When we looked at the marketing automation platform that we had in place, it did not represent a central hub where we could plug things in and expand our go-to-market,” Patrick adds.

    In addition to that, the marketing and sales teams required the use of a variety of non-integrated tools and platforms to follow along with their strategies. Kyle McKay, the Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, recalls the difficulty of managing multiple tools and logins for the team before using HubSpot. “Reporting was a nightmare, not a straightforward, seamless experience. We made the decision to consolidate and go all on one platform – that was HubSpot,” Kyle says.

    The hundreds of app integrations supported by HubSpot brought the most favorable outcome for the teams, enabling them to grow and scale globally. Most of the top marketing technologies like Eventbrite, GoToWebinar, Perfect Audience, and others are partnered with HubSpot nowadays. Having a single product in the middle of the customer experience is immensely impactful to the global team at the business.

    Gearing up for global scaling while empowering the team

    Cybereason now utilizes HubSpot as the center for all their global marketing and communication efforts, using seamless integration with the marketing apps that are essential to their success. HubSpot tools and integrations are helping build a strong connection between the marketing and sales teams. The integrations make the teams’ day-to-day more manageable, helping them to be more efficient and save time while growing and scaling globally.

    Cybereason recently ran over 200 roadshows across the United States and Europe, and that has been executed directly with HubSpot. Events are a significant ingredient of the business’ sales and marketing efforts. Thus, the event and webinar integrations that allow lead capturing play a crucial role in their customer journey.

    Using HubSpot as a central hub connected to all integrations, allows Cybereason teams to track how events, webinars, and other campaigns impact the sales process. “We can measure the effectiveness of these events and share the information back to the sales team in a quick and timely fashion,” Patrick adds.

    HubSpot helped Cybereason fuel their growth

    Lead generation through webinar integrations is one of the HubSpot elements that enabled Cybereason to grow faster and smarter while saving everyone's time and energy. They ran webinars across five different time zones, and the integrations allowed the marketing team to understand how the webinars were performing. Afterward, the marketing team reported the data back to the sales team so they could follow up accordingly.“If we didn’t have HubSpot, Cybereason wouldn’t be able to move as fast as it does,” mentions Devyn LaCamera, the Integrated Marketing Manager.

    While planning a revamp to their website, Cybereason decided to use polls across the websites to get feedback from visitors. Through the HubSpot integrations, they were able to effortlessly organize polls, understand the audience that responded to the surveys, providing internal feedback for future designs and iterations of the website.

    HubSpot was effortlessly adopted and rolled out to the entire marketing team. The centralization of all critical tools in a single platform combined with the ease of use for reporting was something that impressed Devyn. Grouping all campaign-related metrics and easily reporting results is essential for measuring most marketing efforts. “I’m really focused on how campaigns are performing. A lot of it is your standard marketing metrics like clicks, open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and drop-offs, but HubSpot does allow for a further layer of how deep you want to go on your metrics”, Devyn says.

    Finding a platform to use all the tools marketers need was an action that empowered the teams, made their lives easier and was a game-changer for Cybereason’s sales and marketing efforts. At the same time, marketers are now working more efficiently while creating an improved experience for their customers, having one central perspective. “If I had to describe HubSpot in one sentence, it would be that HubSpot is a platform and a teammate. It helps us be better marketers, be better at our job,” Patrick adds.

    Being able to bring all the tools the team uses under one roof can be not just a time-saver, but also a way to optimize costs. When marketers utilize a tool to its full potential, in a self-sufficient way, the results can arrive faster. On one occasion, the Marketing VP recalls that the team identified a marketer, set a goal and a budget, and after installing an integration, started to see results in less than a week. “You can’t do that if you have to build everything out custom, it takes weeks,” Patrick says.

    Although Cybereason teams are still using the free version of the tool, the rapid growth fueled by HubSpot allowed them to start planning on jumping on the paid version as soon as possible. Looking forward, they have no intention to follow their daily routine without HubSpot. “Deciding to go with HubSpot was one of the best decisions that we’ve made. Life without HubSpot would be chaotic; there’s no other way to put it. After having gone all-in on HubSpot and building our infrastructure on top of HubSpot, I wouldn’t want to go back,” Kyle adds.

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