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Fundraise Up Has Grown More than 3x since Utilizing HubSpot

In order to do their best work, Fundraise Up needed a central place to automate their workflows and allow for their customer relationships to be built off of solid data and internal systems.

  • 300% increase in customer base

  • 200% increase in team size

Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up is committed to creating the best online donation experience in the world. Why? Because nonprofit causes matter, organizations should have the right tools to get donations from donors.


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    Not too big, or too small.

    HubSpot does everything. It automated all of our inbound demo requests, keeps track of all communications to specific customers, streamlines our ticket process, hosts our help center, and so much more. Put simply: HubSpot improved every aspect of our business.” 

    -Wil Pope, Director of Technology Partnerships, Fundraise Up 

    There is a ton of online friction that stops donors from giving to a nonprofit or charity. In fact, according to the current industry standard, only 18% donors complete online donations after beginning the process. So, Fundraise Up aims to increase that rate. Their data-driven donation platform is proven to increase conversion rates to 37%. They also have a built-in and insightful dashboard, AI suggested giving amounts, a portal for donors to manage their donations, native integrations, and custom reports to make online fundraising as easy as possible for both the donor and nonprofit administrators.  

    The thing we love about HubSpot is that we were able to adopt it prefunding, supporting a small number of small nonprofits, and through the software and HubSpot for Startups program we were able to grow and scale to serve a large number of large nonprofits”, Pope says, “HubSpot wasn’t too big for us when we were small, and it’s not too small for us now that we are bigger.” 

    Providing value in straightforward and user friendly tools and resources.

    Through regular email check-ins, zoom meetings, webinars, phone calls, social media campaigns, and informational blogs, Fundraise Up wants to be their customers’ most valuable resource when it comes to online fundraising. For example, they know that just by making the checkout process more intuitive, trustworthy, and simple, nonprofit organizations can generate 2x the donation revenue and 3x the amount of recurring donors. 

    In the same way that Fundraise Up focuses on streamlining the donation experience for end users, they also work hard to streamline their internal operations. Their Sales and Success teams use the sales hub to communicate with customers and keep track of all of their interactions. Their Marketing and Partnerships teams use the marketing hub to build web pages, send marketing emails, track LinkedIn ads, post on the blog, and schedule social media posts.  And Fundraise Up’s incredible customer support team uses the service hub to keep track of service tickets and make sure their customers have the best experience possible.



    Future proof growth.

    Fundraise Up integrates with a number of different platforms and services. In the nonprofit space, the SaaS world is both overcrowded, and also very niche. This means many platforms are either geared towards organizations with one or two employees, or towards larger, multi-faceted teams. There aren’t a ton of platforms that are useful for both small and large nonprofits. Fundraise Up straddles the breadth of nonprofit organizational needs, and we at HubSpot, are really excited to continue our relationship with them through a robust integration between our platforms set to launch at the end of 2021. 

    “We are excited to bridge the gap between where HubSpot shows up, as the expert in all things marketing and sales automation, and where Fundraise Up exists, in crafting the best online donor experience possible. Bringing in donations, tracking them in HubSpot and then having the CRM and marketing automation attached to that is incredibly exciting. Having something that works for you out of the box, and is easy to use, is rare,” Pope stated in a recent meeting. 

    Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is one of the flagship customers leveraging HubSpot and Fundraise Up. They have experienced the ease of use between the two platforms, and the clarity that comes with the reporting tools working together to serve up real time data in an immediate actionable way. “Fundraise Up and HubSpot have revolutionized digital fundraising for us. Fundraise Up’s ease of use and data-driven conversion optimizations have tripled our monthly donors and grew our online revenue by over 40% in our first year. HubSpot’s marketing tools have significantly improved our donor retention, reactivation, and upgrades through marketing automation." Brian Juntti, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, says, "I love how they work together to help us now, and I’m very excited to see what their partnership brings.”

    As we started dreaming about what SaaS companies should be focused on, beyond ease of use and continuity of service, to best support the nonprofit industry as the digital landscape continues to shift and change, Pope was expansive; “donors continue to get more and more into providing support online. Stocks, cryptocurrency etc. Folks are moving towards online donations more broadly- direct mail is still important, but as more people move digital we have to meet that need. Maybe it’s the ability to accept NFTs, deeds to cars or homes, we need to have our fingers on the pulse and meet people in their moment.” Stay tuned as HubSpot and Fundraise Up continue to work together to ensure we meet nonprofits where they are!

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