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Instant Factoring generates €449k Revenue with HubSpot Automations

Discover how Diamond HubSpot Partner Mediapost Martech helped Instant Factoring achieve remarkable results, generating €449k in revenue in just one year using HubSpot automations, exceeding all previous revenue targets while transforming customers into promoters.

Instant Factoring

Instant Factoring is the first Romanian online fintech micro-financing company for SMEs. With the launch of the online factoring platform the company is committed to supporting the development of small businesses through fast and easy financing solutions with the help of technology.


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    Since implementing HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub with Mediapost Martech in 2022, Instant Factoring has experienced a surge in sales team productivity due to the seamless automation of communication and lead nurturing. This has resulted in a steady stream of monthly leads and an exceptionally high Net Promoter Score (NPS), demonstrating high customer satisfaction. Consequently, Instant Factoring has achieved significant business growth by streamlining their Sales and Marketing functions.

    Lead Nurturing: from Lead to Advocate

    Marketing Hub enabled Instant Factoring to craft a comprehensive communication strategy with the help of Mediapost Martech, HubSpot's local Romanian partner. This strategy encompassed a complete communication flow utilizing automated workflows for managing leads at each stage of the customer journey.

    The process begins with the transformation of a lead into a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), captured within the platform. At this stage, potential clients are encouraged through automated emails highlighting the importance of setting up an account.

    Once the MQL has created an account, they transition into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), characterized by uploading an invoice onto the account. Instant Factoring then sends automated messages encouraging the SQLs to submit an invoice. This communication includes essential information about the process, an offer for first invoice financing for free, and reminders about the expiry of this offer.

    Upon receiving financing, the SQL becomes a Customer. A satisfaction survey is automatically sent when the customer submits a financing request, allowing Instant Factoring to gather valuable feedback and gauge customer satisfaction.

    Finally, Customers who give a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9 or 10, or who provide a referral, are considered Advocates. This advocacy is nurtured through an automated communication flow, reinforcing the positive relationship between Instant Factoring and its highly satisfied customers.

    Through this systematic and automated approach enabled by Marketing Hub, Instant Factoring has been able to efficiently guide leads through the sales process, resulting in a steady stream of satisfied customers who then become advocates for the company.

    Impressive Revenue in Just One Year

    Sales Hub has been a game-changer for Instant Factoring's sales process. The efficiency of the sales team skyrocketed by over 30%, due largely to the consolidation of all activities into one centralized tool - HubSpot. This implementation offered a comprehensive, end-to-end sales pipeline, from management to churn alerts, with automated sales processes seamlessly integrated with their existing systems.

    But the most impressive outcome has been the financial one. The clients who have gone through our workflows, with the help of Mediapost Martech, generated a staggering €449k in revenue in just one year. There's no question that Sales Hub has played an essential role in producing these substantial, positive results for Instant Factoring.

    HubSpot has seamlessly integrated into Instant Factoring's tech ecosystem, propelling the company forward in its journey towards achieving significant business growth targets.

    • HubSpot has been instrumental in revolutionizing our lead generation and customer nurturing process. The platform’s automated workflows and intuitive design have not only improved our sales efficiency but also significantly enhanced the overall customer journey.
    • Mediapost Martech has been an invaluable partner from day one, providing expert onboarding and continued consultancy that allowed us to maximize HubSpot's potential. The results speak for themselves – higher sales and a highly satisfied customer base. We couldn't have asked for a better tool or a more knowledgeable partner to help us on this journey.
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