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Oxygen 2.0

Agency Partner Oxygen 2.0 Serves the Chinese Market with Repeatable Success, Sees 5x Increase in Monthly Retainer Revenue

Oxygen 2.0 was using many tools tied together to manage campaigns for their clients. Because they were using multiple tools for each client's management with no cohesive or repeatable strategy for each, they simply weren't seeing the ROI or ability to justify their client's spend. Using HubSpot and the inbound marketing methodology, they now have a repeatable process to execute with each client, and the ability to prove true ROI. Oxygen 2.0 was using many tools tied together to manage campaigns for their clients. Because they were using multiple tools for each client's management with no cohesive or repeatable strategy for each, they simply weren't seeing the ROI or ability to justify their client's spend. Using HubSpot and the inbound marketing methodology, they now have a repeatable process to execute with each client, and the ability to prove true ROI.

5x Increase in Revenue from Retainers

3,000% increase in site traffic for one client in 12 months

The Challenge: Justifying Client Spend.

Oxygen 2.0 serves clients in the Chinese market looking to increase their sales qualified leads.

Like many agencies, their biggest challenge largely involved justifying their client’s spend on marketing. Oxygen 2.0 was lacking one coherent way to prove to clients that their marketing efforts were working.

The team was using a slew of tools to manage campaigns for clients. Tools like Madmimi and MailChimp for email, Hootsuite for social media, Unbounce for landing pages, Squarespace for websites, Google Analytics for tracking, Pipedrive for CRM, and at the center, using Zapier to tie all them together.

Though Zapier is a powerful integration tool that allowed them to execute on campaigns, the team still did not have a great way to make all these tools work together to report back to clients in a meaningful and efficient way. If one link in the chain of integrations broke, the whole business was essentially halted. An efficiency and productivity nightmare for any agency.


A Holistic Solution with HubSpot

Oxygen 2.0 aimed to build a coherent, repeatable model for success with their clients. Managing Director Daniel Beach explains, "Ad-hoc solutions to solve one part in the lead generation process don’t produce consistent results."

They were using many tools, collecting many data points and dealing with many variables in a campaign. But without a tool to bring all this into one place, there was no insight on why campaigns weren’t working. As a result, the team couldn’t effectively optimize campaigns for themselves and their clients.

While searching for a better way to predict, execute and repeat success with their clients, Oxygen 2.0 found HubSpot’s marketing materials.

"HubSpot’s own marketing material was what drove us to speak with a salesperson. That the marketing material was able to teach us as much as it did and even help with our existing client work said a lot about inbound marketing generally."

Dan and Operations Director Gareth Jones began seeing immediate value before they ever signed on as HubSpot Partners. "When we spoke to the sales rep, what really stood out was that it wasn’t so much a sales process as it was a consultation to see what we were doing with our marketing and where we might have been going wrong."

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Getting Educated on Inbound Marketing

Dan and Gareth learned the foundations of the inbound marketing methodology from their channel account managers. They taught the team not only how to use an inbound strategy for Oxygen to generate more quality leads at the top of the funnel, but how to build a consistent inbound marketing offering for their clients. "Having someone to bounce ideas off of who is able to provide an outsider’s view of our agency keeps us on track and ensures that we’re moving forward in the right direction."

Dan and Gareth have had their team go all-in with their own inbound education, and the entire Oxygen team is Inbound Certified, HubSpot Certified and COS certified.


Prove ROI of client’s investment with closed-loop reporting.

With the team fully equipped, Oxygen began executing on clients' campaigns using the inbound methodology. "With HubSpot, and the inbound methodology, there is a very clear path to generating leads, and ultimately ROI.”

By bringing all the tools Oxygen uses to manage their clients into one place, Dan and Gareth finally had the ability to do effective closed-loop reporting. With clear and measurable results, Oxygen could better build ROI projections for their clients. Having this type of reporting available at their fingertips helps to keep their clients focused on the KPIs that actually matter to their business.

"Because HubSpot makes inbound campaigns consistent, we are able to benchmark success to a point where we can predict how many Sales Qualified Leads a client can expect throughout the campaign, meet and often exceed those expectations. For us and the client this creates very easy to measure KPIs which focuses on success, as opposed to why they’re not ranking for a keyword they like, why they don’t have more fans on Facebook, or why their email list isn’t growing faster. It focuses the campaign on the metrics that matter to their bottom line, and our on-going engagement."


Optimizing for repeatable client success.

Using HubSpot’s breadth of data and powerful reporting tools, Oxygen is able to bring all the pieces of a campaign together. The more complete a picture they have of how potential buyers are behaving, the better able they are to (1) identify opportunities for improvement and (2) pinpoint successful strategies to replicate. “So with HubSpot we know, for example, that an SQL came from LinkedIn, read which blog, clicked which CTA, and downloaded which offer. This means we can optimize for that kind of success to make it repeatable."

What Dan and Gareth see with most agencies is a mix-and-match approach of tools and strategy for each client. Dan explains, “It’s not sustainable. Because each client’s strategy is different, any time you do something overly custom it’s going to take much longer to execute on, and be much more work to optimize." 

Instead, Dan and Gareth have focused on building a coherent, repeatable model for success with their clients using the inbound methodology and HubSpot. “We’re bringing a standard approach to our clientele, one that is of course tailored to their unique business, but uses the same tools and methods to drive results each time. This helps us to predict success for our clients, as HubSpot provides a clear framework for generating leads and ROI. This predictability has helped us to increase volume and strength of our retainers. Now we have more retainers, can deliver more results to those clients we have, and keep them on longer, which means we don’t have to always be on the hunt for new business."

Today, Oxygen is able to offer a complete inbound solution to clients, as opposed to one or two pieces of the puzzle. This drives better results, justifies higher retainers, and makes for happier clients and a more sustainable agency model. Dan says, “Using the inbound methodology in tandem with HubSpot we get to prove results and charge an amount that makes sense for us so we have sustainable revenue and can grow as an agency, while at the same time our customers grow from the business we bring in for them.

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Optimizing for their own funnel.

By creating helpful, optimized content at the top of the funnel, Oxygen is attracting the right types of leads and has a consistently full pipeline of new, higher quality leads. More than this, having all the data about these leads in one place gives them the ability to score and prioritize them accordingly. This helps the team to optimize their sales process for net new business. "Being able to distinguish between a lead that is likely to close and one that is not qualified as well as reaching out to them when they are ready makes the sales process so much more seamless."

And as for those leads who aren’t quite ready to buy, Oxygen continues the conversation using HubSpot's Workflows Tool.

Using the history of interactions that HubSpot collects about a prospect, Oxygen is able to segment leads based on their interests and their position in the buying cycle. This allows them to nurture leads with content that’s relevant to their buying decision and will help influence them to the point of sale. "The ability to nurture a lead so that they only convert when they are ready to buy is invaluable. It’s as though you had a super helpful sales person with limitless memory able to follow up with a lead precisely when they needed them to. That is helpful for the lead, but also for our clients, and us."

Driving Client Success with China’s Largest Social Network: WeChat

Given the widespread adoption of the social network ‘WeChat’ in China, Oxygen knew that it was an important channel to leverage.

They’ve been able to publish blog content on WeChat directly, without getting any SEO penalization from Google. Whereas on their blog they would have a CTA at the end of a post directing a reader to a landing page to convert on an offer, on WeChat the process is a bit different. At the end of each WeChat post, Oxygen includes the commonly used QR code that links directly to a HubSpot hosted landing page where readers can convert.

With HubSpot, Oxygen can track which channels and sources are driving not only the most traffic, but also the most conversions to any individual landing page. Oxygen uses these Landing Page Analytics to gain an important insight about WeChat. Because the audience on this network tends to be a smaller, more targeted group than social networks like Facebook, the conversion rate on traffic coming from WeChat is a great deal higher than from other channels.

Dan and Gareth have seen so much success with their clients on WeChat, that they’re now building their own integration between HubSpot and WeChat. This will allow them to deliver even more marketing insights to businesses in China in the future.

More than Just a Marketing Platform

"HubSpot provides you with a framework to build and measure your marketing, but I find with many companies, the inbound approach doesn’t just affect the marketing side of the business, it permeates throughout the entire organization, from marketing to sales, and even to other departments like HR (if you can attract new customers this way, why not great new hires?). The HubSpot platform itself is the engine that drives all of this, and provides a framework through which to generate consistent, ROI positive results, with one tool, in one place."

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Southeast Asia Pacific and Inbound?

"We look at inbound marketing as best practice for all B2B companies. Much in the same way that most companies didn’t have a website in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, leveraging all of the tools available to establish your company as an expert in your particular field will be commonplace. SEA/APAC companies have a great deal of value to gain and add by building these kinds of programs within their companies by becoming more accessible to and building trust with customers within their countries and globally. As the economy in APAC/SEA grows to represent an increasingly large percentage of the global GDP and companies continue to move up the value chain this will only become truer. "

About Oxygen 2.0

Oxygen 2.0 is a full service inbound marketing, branding and web development agency based in Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong. They are Hubspot’s first partner in China and offer turnkey marketing solutions to Chinese SMEs and MNCs, enabling them to brand and market their products outside of China, and Western brands looking to penetrate the Chinese market.

Industry: Agency

Location: Southeast Asia

Software: Marketing

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