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SmartBug uses the Typeform app to increase form submissions 2x

An unclear “contact us” form was costing SmartBug Media leads and opportunities. By adding the Typeform app to their HubSpot CMS, they were able to create a dynamic form to streamline inquiries and route them automatically to the right team. After only 2 months, form conversions increased by 40%.

  • 24% Reduction in sales team response time

  • 40% Increase in form conversions in first 2 months

  • 100% reduction in developer time


SmartBug Media is a full-service digital agency that partners with their clients to solve challenges across the entire customer lifecycle. As one of the largest and most decorated HubSpot partners in the world, SmartBug works across industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, SaaS, higher education, and everything in between.


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    Converting web traffic into form submissions

    As one of the largest, and highly decorated HubSpot partners, the SmartBug team knows the ins and outs of the HubSpot platform and are true experts. They use their vast knowledge and experience to help their customers get the most out of their CRM—and to optimize their own sales and marketing flows. 

    When they used Marketing Hub and HubSpot CMS to install a 5-way CTA test for the “contact us” button on their website, they saw a substantial increase in web traffic on their contact page. But that’s where the improvements stopped: prospects were visiting the page, but they still weren’t filling out the contact form. 

    As Stephen Lackey, VP of Marketing for SmartBug Media, summarizes: 

    “Once we implemented that test, we were surprised to see a tremendous amount more traffic than we expected. We had page views on our “talk to sales” page, but they weren’t filling out the form at the rates we needed,” he says.  

    With a better contact form, SmartBug would be able to capture that increased web traffic and transform those page views into customers. 

    Streamlining sales operations

    Part of the reason for the lack of “contact us” form submissions might have been the form’s lack of clarity, which made the user experience more confusing. At the time, SmartBug Media used a single form for all outside inquiries, whether people were looking for media relations, job opportunities, or a conversation with a sales rep. 

    “It was difficult for users to understand what they needed to select and what was important for them to get routed to the right person,” Stephen explains. 

    With a more intuitive form, SmartBug would be able to streamline operations, route leads faster, and provide a better user experience for prospects who wanted to get in touch with their sales team.  

    They got all of that—and more—with the Typeform app for HubSpot.

    Typeform app for HubSpot 

    SmartBug used the HubSpot App Marketplace to add the Typeform app to their HubSpot CMS. Now, SmartBug’s “contact us” Typeform is embedded in their webpage as an iframe, creating a smoother user experience and making it much easier to sort through inquiries. Features like the progress bar and time estimates make it easy to see exactly how long a form will take to complete.

    “There is better continuity with the Typeform app,” Stephen says. “It creates an integrated and seamless user experience that makes it feel as though users are on our website the entire time, even though they aren’t.” 

    SmartBug Media used branching logic with dynamic questions so that contacts are directed down different paths based on their answers. This way, SmartBug can automatically direct contacts to the right team. 

    Typeform example

    “We can send contacts down separate tracks with different questions, depending on their answers. Those different questions are tailored to who they are and what they’re looking to accomplish much more than having a single form for all inquiries ever could,” Stephen says.

    Shopify self-guided audit 

    All of the data collected with Typeform flows seamlessly to HubSpot. The SmartBug team can look at their analytics to see where people are dropping off, further optimizing their form based on quantitative feedback. “We’ve been able to modify certain questions and get very granular and precise with our changes, instead of just rebuilding an entire form.” 

    After seeing the success of their “contact us” form, SmartBug decided to go further: they created a self-guided Shopify audit for customers who want to audit their own eCommerce stores, to help them determine if they were getting the most from their Shopify experience. 

    Once users complete the Typeform’s 15–20 questions, they receive an email through Marketing Hub with dynamic content tailored to their needs. 

    As Stephen explains:  

    “With the Typeform data integrated with HubSpot and unique custom properties, we can automatically create dynamic emails based on the user’s responses. It’s been a very valuable combination.” 

    Customers love the Shopify self-audit, and the dynamic audit emails are a success, with 80-90% average open rates. 

    HubSpot Video

    2x increase in form submissions

    Within two months of adding the Typeform app to their HubSpot CMS, SmartBug Media saw a 40% increase in conversions. They’ve since increased 2x year-over-year, and SmartBug recently hired an additional sales rep to manage the increase in incoming inquiries. 

    Typeform’s logic integrated with HubSpot’s properties allows the company to automatically route prospects to where they want to go. “If someone wants to talk to us about press, or career opportunities, we’re able to route those to the right teams, so they aren’t even showing up in the sales team’s peripheral vision. We’ve been able to streamline overall operations,” Stephen says. Thanks to these changes, sales response times have decreased 24%. 

    Almost as importantly, Stephen and the marketing team were able to accomplish all of this themselves, with zero developer support. “We didn’t have to pull a developer resource from their existing client workload to build this or install the Typeform app on the website,” he says. “It was a very user-friendly and easy experience for the marketing team.” 

    A valuable tool for their clients

    Now that the SmartBug Media team has seen the value of the Typeform app firsthand, they’ve started recommending it to their clients too. “It’s a no-brainer,” Stephen says. “We’ve seen from our own data that the volume of leads coming in after we installed the Typeform app has increased significantly, and lead quality has gone up as well.”

    Stephen is thrilled with the results—his only regret is not installing the Typeform app sooner. “Hindsight is 20/20. When we see the increased volume of leads and prospects who want to talk to our sales team, it’s an obvious choice that we should have made a long time ago. It makes the user experience so much better.” 

    Stephen Lackey
    We’ve seen from our own data that the volume of leads coming in after we installed the Typeform app has increased significantly, and lead quality has gone up as well.
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