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Pierce Partners with Stream Creative for a CMS Hub Redesign

Pierce Manufacturing needed a website that looked great and was easy to manage on their own. So they teamed up with Stream Creative for a redesign project that let them maintain their brand standards.

  • +300 pages seamlessly migrated

Pierce Manufacturing

Pierce Manufacturing is the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus, including custom and commercial pumpers, aerials, rescue trucks, wildland trucks, and more.


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    Ready to take the reigns

    Stream Creative is a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve been Hubspot partners since 2010 and recognized the potential of CMS Hub as a path to grow their business. They went from a web design agency to a full inbound marketing agency and haven’t looked back. 

    When one of their clients, Pierce Manufacturing, needed help with their website, Stream thought they would be an excellent fit for HubSpot.

    Pierce Manufacturing is the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus, including custom and commercial pumpers, aerials, rescue trucks, wildland trucks, minipumpers, elliptical tankers, and homeland security apparatus. With an active and passionate user base, the Pierce marketing team has a lot of responsibility; they needed tools that would help them move quickly.  

    Previously, the company’s website was hosted on Kentico. They were limited in the changes they could make themselves and often were stuck waiting for their former design partner to make the changes requested. By the time they started working with Stream Creative, they were feeling a bit trapped. 

    Stream knew CMS Hub would be a better option for Pierce because it provides the freedom and tools needed to work autonomously. The website was redesigned in two steps, first migrating the site on to CMS Hub as it was, then redesigning it to clean up and simplify the site.

    Flexibility and custom features

    Stream took advantage of the updated Hubspot design manager to build custom modules that would give Pierce the design flexibility they wanted, while at the same time, adhering to their brand standards.

    HubDB was leveraged to manage Pierce’s products and specs. The database allows Pierce to make updates in one place and have them reflected everywhere that information lives on the website. HubDB ensures their prospects, customers, and partners have the most up to date information. HubDB also enables custom functionality that they need on the site, like feature comparisons.

    "HubDB reduces time constraints especially for a small team - time is precious, and they don’t have any to waste.” -Steve James, Stream Creative

    At the completion of the design and content integration, Stream took the pages from CMS Hub staging to live all at once. Pierce wouldn’t be comfortable with a site launch that left parts of their site on the old design and others on the updated design. Without staging, Stream would have needed to build the site in a separate HubSpot portal and copy the pages over one by one.

    “This was a huge update – the site has 300+ pages. All of the pages were completed and approved in content staging and published from there. We launched the site just before their biggest trade show of the year and had a nearly seamless launch.” - Brian Brinkman, Steam Creative 

    Stream and Pierce continue to use tools like Hotjar, Databox, and Web Analytics reports to determine which pages are getting the most engagement and prioritize future improvements.

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