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Reed Drove 8-figures of Income in 2 Years with HubSpot CRM

With over 100 global offices, Reed needed marketing automation to grow. With HubSpot, they harnessed email automation and workflows to optimise lead generation and sales alignment, driving 8-figures of attributable revenue in just two years.

  • 13,000+ MQLs generated in 1 year

  • 25% of MQLs convert to purchase

  • 96% faster to set up marketing campaigns


Reed is the largest family-run recruitment business in the world. They boast the UK’s largest candidate database and deliver expertise in 20 specialist sectors across the globe.


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    Growing without automation

    Reed is a global recruitment company on a mission to improve lives through work. With over 1,800 employees and 100 offices in the UK, Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia, they connect job seekers and employers with the right partnerships for the next step in their journey.

    Their teams provide a broad range of services, with programs coordinated across 20 specialist sectors. Understandably, managing and routing lead information efficiently is crucial to Reed’s growth.

    After scaling successfully for over 60 years using manual systems, a new generation of employees recognised exciting possibilities to harness automated processes.

    Marketing Director—UK and EMEA James Adams had used HubSpot for marketing automation at other companies. He advocated for Reed to adopt a similar solution.

    He says, “It was an opportunity. I knew how powerful HubSpot could be for empowering the marketing team, helping us generate more leads and coordinate more effectively with sales. If we could bring in a tool like that, it would make a big difference.”

    No visibility on lead data

    Traditionally, Reed had used their website and other marketing channels to advertise phone numbers for their local offices. That meant customer service reps had to take down info from callers and pass it on manually to a relevant consultant.

    The process resulted in a slow time to service delivery, and it meant that James and his colleagues had no data to guide their marketing efforts.

    “We had limited visibility on inbound lead generation. We couldn’t track where leads were coming from, and had no quick way to get leads into the hands of our salespeople. It was a major gap, and it limited the ROI we could get from marketing activities.”

    Choosing HubSpot

    The team at Reed recognised the benefits an automated marketing system would bring, and began a search for the best tool. They considered three or four solutions.

    “It came down to HubSpot for a couple of reasons. One, their onboarding and account management support are second to none. Second, the platform is built around users. It’s very user-friendly, and brings a full stack of marketing tools that none of the other providers could compete with.

    Reed purchased Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub to align their teams and optimise their marketing operations.

    Faster time to service

    Upon implementation, Reed immediately started using HubSpot to engage prospects and leads more efficiently.

    “We started out using Marketing Hub for email campaigns to nurture our leadership audience, and tracking leads coming in through the website and our paid advertising efforts.”

    With landing pages and contact forms capturing lead information, the marketing team was able to quickly pass qualified leads to the sales team, significantly reducing lag time.

    “That piece has been transformative. We can now get leads to the right sales people very quickly. In our industry, that’s extremely important. We find that a percentage of leads will send their requirements to a few recruitment companies, so being first to get back to them is key.”

    Nurturing leads with workflows

    James and his team are leveraging a large number of workflows that make their work faster and more effective. They went from manually emailing individual leads to sending automated sequences based on engagement.

    “Prior to getting HubSpot, we were using very basic tools, and our email marketing was not as slick or as smart as it could be. Now, we connect with our audience regularly via monthly newsletters, and we run smart workflows and trigger-based emails.”

    With thought-leadership workflows, they send relevant automated emails to leads who engage with their content - whether that’s downloading the latest salary guide, signing up to a webinar, or collecting any other gated content on their websites.

    Those quick and personalised responses are just one way that HubSpot helped Reed connect with their many different customer personas and improve their online experience.

    “We’re engaging prospects and customers in a lot of ways across the buyer journey, and seeing a great response to those added-value touchpoints,” James says.

    Data-driven optimisation

    Being able to track lead generation and engagement across every digital channel has driven major wins for the marketing team.

    “Since we started using HubSpot one year ago, we’ve had over 13,000 leads come through the website. Having that visibility on where they’re coming from lets us know where we should double-down.”

    They’ve used the data to optimise efforts in PPC ads and SEO.

    “We can see which SEO terms are bringing the most leads, and invest in the areas with the biggest potential. It’s working really well for us.”

    The insights are helping James and his team focus their marketing efforts in the right areas.

    “HubSpot has brought us beautiful insights. We can see what types of content a lead has downloaded, and either pass that information to sales or use it to plan more marketing activities they’ll be interested in. We’re creating better workflows and emails, and doing things we simply couldn’t do before.”

    Boosting the sales team

    HubSpot’s amalgamation, analysis, and reporting on lead data has helped the marketing team collaborate more productively with sales.

    “We’re far more connected with the sales teams than we were before. We’re able to send them leads quickly and share insights that help them close deals.”

    The sales team is now more aware of marketing activities, and sharing back info that drives high-converting content. Meanwhile, the marketing team can now align their campaigns with sales goals.

    “Having sales and marketing working in the same environment has been a game-changer. They can see what their leads are doing and ask us to send them a certain email or workflow. We’ve seen great results from that.”

    That inter-team collaboration was made possible by a custom integration to Reed’s internal CRM. James credits above-and-beyond support from his HubSpot account manager for helping get it set up.

    Integrating Reed’s CRM

    With hundreds of thousands of contact records in their proprietary CRM, true partnership between marketing and sales relied on a tight integration with HubSpot.

    “The integration with our CRM allowed us to get real-time customer data into Sales Hub, and vice versa. It let us pass leads on to sales instantly, and enriched our marketing insights with data from existing customers.”

    James says his account manager was instrumental in making the integration happen.

    “He always helps us elaborate on our strategy. With the CRM integration, some of our needs were actually quite complex. Our account manager helped us think of solutions, and even brought in expertise from other areas of HubSpot.”

    By engaging HubSpot Technical Consulting, Reed’s IT developers got the expert guidance they needed to execute the integration.

    “This integration was very important to us, and they made it a lot simpler than we thought it would be.”

    HubSpot empowers marketers

    From onboarding through ongoing learning, James says his team’s relationship with HubSpot has made them better marketers.

    “Onboarding was pretty seamless. With our onboarding manager, plus the learning and development resources within the platform, we were able to get up and running and make very quick wins.”

    His team frequently comes to him with new campaign ideas they got from tutorials within the HubSpot knowledge base.

    “It keeps us thinking about where we’d like to be in a year’s time with the tools. We’ve got some exciting things coming up, and that’s because of the support we get from our account management and the wider Hubspot ecosystem.”

    8-figure net income in 2 years

    With the improved efficiency and insights they’ve derived from HubSpot, Reed attributed 8 figures of income to their marketing efforts in just two years.

    “Since last year, we’ve launched our new website and generated over 13,000 marketing qualified leads. Roughly 25% of those leads converted to purchase, generating well over 8 figures’ worth of net income.”

    James and his team can now execute more effective marketing activities with outstanding efficiency. Campaign set up is now 96% faster.

    “We can see that our efforts are working. About 25% of our website visitors complete a contact form, and our B2B newsletter is growing by over 1,000 subscribers each month. We’re very happy.”

    With seamless integration to their proprietary CRM, user-friendly workflows, and cross-functional visibility, Reed is able to empower sales teams from 20 industry specialties spread out over 180 offices around the globe.

    “We’re coordinating efficiently across the entire Reed Group, and it’s all down to HubSpot’s powerful lead management process. It’s made a massive difference for us.”

    Up next, Reed plans to harness HubSpot’s chat functionality to further improve marketing and sales conversions.

    James recommends HubSpot highly to other marketers.

    “If you want to generate better results for your business, this is the platform to do it.”

    “We’ve never had this level of data on our leads before. With HubSpot, we’re getting rich insights, sharing them seamlessly between marketing and sales, and seeing great results.”

    James Adams

    Marketing Director—UK and EMEA


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