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Rentokil Initial Sees 671% Marketing ROI with HubSpot

Since implementing HubSpot, Rentokil Initial South Africa has increased traffic, nurtured leads, and empowered its sales team to exceed targets.

  • 671% marketing ROI

  • 44% organic traffic growth YoY

  • 43% customer growth

Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial is a global leader in pest control, hygiene, disinfection services, and interior landscaping services offered to commercial and private customers worldwide. It has more than 43,000 employees across 83 countries.


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    Before HubSpot, Rentokil Initial South Africa relied on basic marketing and social media tools, which held them back when it came to achieving their mission of protecting people and enhancing lives. The marketing team needed a holistic solution that would grow their traffic, leads, and sales in a streamlined way.

    Since implementing HubSpot in a phased approach, Rentokil Initial has used marketing automation to grow explosively. They keep increasing their traffic, nurturing their leads, and empowering their sales team to hit and exceed every sales goal.


    In Search For a Holistic Solution to Automate and Streamline Lead Generation

    Before HubSpot, Rentokil Initial South Africa’s marketing team used a mix of online and offline strategies to promote its offering. Relying on basic scheduling functionalities of social media and email marketing platforms was quite limiting.

    Lémay Rogers, Marketing Manager for Rentokil Initial’s Sub-Saharan Africa region, explains the challenges they faced. “Rentokil, the pest control side of our business, always had a strong lead generation setup, but we were struggling to get the same success in Initial, our hygiene and disinfection division.” Lémay wanted to increase leads and sales for Initial and knew the company needed a platform to increase lead generation through digital channels.

    Lémay approached a range of providers to find a solution that matched Initial’s goals. “I remember feeling overwhelmed by the range of options, all of them pulling in different directions. We didn’t need just one area of the marketing mix, but a holistic approach that would drive results across the board.” That’s what led Lemay to Spitfire Inbound, a HubSpot Diamond Partner that puts inbound marketing first and uses HubSpot to help clients achieve their goals.

    HubSpot ticked all the boxes, and Initial went ahead with Marketing Hub Professional, which we later upgraded to Enterprise in order to be able to include our Rentokil division. “HubSpot won against other options because it’s intuitive and user-friendly. This meant we wouldn’t need a full-time developer to be able to use marketing automation, and that made a huge difference,” adds Lémay.


    Shipping Powerful Inbound Marketing Campaigns at Scale

    Lémay wanted to implement both Hubspot and the inbound methodology at pace,  and thus relied on Spitfire Inbound’s implementation roadmap to make this happen. Lémay explains, “We kicked the process off with a series of workshops to define our buyer personas, buyer journey, and content strategy. Along with our business processes, this work informed our setup in HubSpot and helped us set ourselves up for success.”

    Creating Content Initial's Audience Craves and Making It Impossible to Miss

    HubSpot Marketing Hub helps Initial deliver   blog posts,   email campaigns, and   social media posts  in an easy, streamlined way. It also used the tools in Marketing Hub for everything from building targeted audiences to creating automated workflows.

    “Building strong relationships with our customers is essential to us. Prioritizing inbound marketing means we can answer our audience’s questions, solve problems, help protect its reputation, and offer peace of mind. That’s what enhanced content creation means to us,” explains Lémay.

    Turning More Visitors Into Leads With a Personalized Yet Scalable Strategy

    Creating a personalized experience at scale is now indispensable to the business. Rentokil Initial uses the   marketing automation tools  in Marketing Hub to nurture both leads and customers through their journey.
    “We customize every message and build segments and personalized customer journeys. Every recipient gets helpful content relevant to its needs, and we can convert marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads and ultimately into customers much more effectively,” adds Lémay.

    Translating Data Into a Strategy That Brings Results

    Lémay uses powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics within Marketing Hub to make smarter, data-backed decisions. “I am obsessed with my dashboards and enjoy reviewing them over my morning coffee.
    This information has become invaluable during strategic meetings as we can give our Sales Team more intelligence to help them be successful.

    Expanding Usage Across the Globe

    At first, only the Initial South African team used HubSpot. However, the CRM platform is now also used by teams in Europe, North America, Canada, South America, and Australia. The user permissions and partitioning features in HubSpot to facilitate use across geographies, while each region has had the autonomy to work on individual implementation plans.

    "We have used the HubSpot permissions, partitioning, and multi-language tools to improve usability for each regional team. We also settled on naming conventions early on to ease search across the various assets, which has helped."

    Rentokil Initial uses a variety of integrations within the   HubSpot App Marketplace  to connect its favourite tools. Integrations such as Google Search Console, Zoom, Facebook Ads and Supermetrics help it supply its sales team with deeper insights on contacts, increasing conversion rates. It also improves the level of collaboration between marketing and sales.
    “We included key stakeholders from sales and operations right from the implementation stage, and our sales team fully embraced our personas and the buyer journey. HubSpot enabled us to collaborate efficiently and get on track to hit our goals.”


    A Jump in Every Metric That Matters and a Clear Path to Exceptional Customer Experience

    Since Initial South Africa implemented HubSpot, it hasn’t looked back. In the first eight months of implementing inbound methodology through HubSpot, Initial saw a 57% increase in website visits, a 76% increase in both leads and sales, and a 310% ROI on inbound marketing.

    In the following year, Initial further increased its marketing ROI by 671%, improved its organic traffic by 44% year-on-year with a successful blogging strategy, and kept nurturing its existing customers.

    Finally, as the COVID-19 crisis hit, Rentokil Initial used HubSpot to adjust its landing pages, emails, blogging cadence, and overall messaging. Its landing page views jumped by 280%, new contacts increased by 253%, and the number of customers grew by 43%.

    Inbound marketing became a cornerstone in Rentokil Initial’s marketing strategy. Going forward, the team wants to continue to hit sales goals by giving its customers exactly what they need. Lémay finishes by adding, “HubSpot allows us to focus on our strategy and campaigns, rather than worrying about how we’ll implement our ideas. That’s how we can keep on delivering excellence to our customers.”

    • 1554107574406
      HubSpot won against other options because it’s intuitive and user-friendly. This meant we wouldn’t need a full-time developer to be able to use marketing automation, and that made a huge difference.


      Marketing Manager

      Rentokil Initial

    • 1554107574406-1
      HubSpot allows us to focus on our strategy and campaigns, rather than worrying about how we’ll implement our ideas. That’s how we can keep on delivering excellence to our customers.


      Marketing Manager

      Rentokil Initial

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