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TurnK multiplies its leads by 30 by becoming a HubSpot solutions partner

During its two-year partnership with HubSpot, TurnK has hit three-figure growth, tripled its revenue, and multiplied its generated leads by 30. The company has also supported over 70 clients. Its status as a HubSpot Platinum Partner also signals its excellence to its clients. As experts, employees add to their credibility and inspire lasting confidence.

  • +300% revenue increase in two years

  • 30X increase in lead generation

  • 70+ clients supported


Founded by Hubert Mezin in 2021, TurnK is an innovative NoCode services group. Its goal is to make life easier for companies by creating, configuring, and connecting business tools useful for their business, without having to resort to IT development. With HubSpot, this start-up offers a full range of functionalities, covering marketing, sales, and customer service needs.


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    Excellence in its DNA

    TurnK is an innovative NoCode services group founded in 2021, based in Bordeaux, Paris, and Barcelona. Its goal is to make life easier for companies by creating, configuring, and connecting business tools useful for their business, without having to resort to complex IT development processes. The services it offers include CMS, CRM and ERP integration, customized business app creation, and client support system integration.

    The TurnK teams, made up of certified product builders across all available NoCode tools, select software to meet specific requirements with the aim of offering clients a clear and user-friendly process.
    “Ever since we started our venture, we have tried to find the leading tool on the market with a view to integrating it into our client solutions. Having carefully thought this through, we decided HubSpot was our first choice. There were several key reasons for this,” explains TurnK founder Hubert Mezin.

    In his view, HubSpot offers a full range of functionalities that can cover a wide array of marketing, sales, and customer service needs. This versatility allows for streamlined teamwork, providing an optimal solution throughout the client experience.

    The HubSpot platform is also well-known for its ergonomic design and usability. “For us, this is an essential characteristic, as it allows us to integrate HubSpot quickly and effectively into our client's business processes, with no lengthy, complex training required,” adds Hubert Mezin. This saves time for employees and clients, who can focus on tasks requiring more reflection and expertise.

    Finally, as a HubSpot Platinum Partner, TurnK enjoys privileged access to advanced support and exclusive resources. This allows the group to provide its clients with a high-quality, tailored service.


    Sound expertise guarantees maximum client satisfaction

    Why did TurnK choose the HubSpot solution right from when it was founded in 2021? It was in its clients' interest: “We want to provide them with the best possible CRM solution, benefiting from the undeniable advantages that HubSpot brings to their operations. By choosing HubSpot, we can be sure that our clients have a powerful tool available to optimize their sales, marketing, and customer service processes.”

    To provide quality support, the teams themselves use two types of HubSpot software: Sales Hub and Marketing Hub. The first tool helps them to manage and automate their sales processes effectively. Following up on prospect interaction is straightforward, while communication is personalized with the aim of generating a stronger commercial impact.
    The second tool, meanwhile, is useful for designing and configuring relevant marketing campaigns. These are also adapted to the target audience, which helps to secure high-quality leads.

    Aside from this, having HubSpot Platinum Partner status consolidates TurnK's expertise. Thanks to its privileged access, the company is always up to date with the latest developments, new functionalities, and best practices to adopt. It can also design tailored solutions using the customization tools. This enables TurnK to stay at the cutting edge of technology and to offer its clients excellent follow-up. The high-level support that the platform provides helps to boost client satisfaction, thanks to swift problem-solving adapted to their needs. Finally, the certification and accreditation that HubSpot awards to its partners showcase TurnK's know-how. This is backed by an ecosystem of sales and marketing professionals who own the partner solutions. Everyone can share their expertise and their top tips to make sure they keep up to date and stay competitive.

    This is how Hubert Mezin would sum up his collaboration with HubSpot: “We at TurnK are proud to partner with HubSpot, as HubSpot strengthens our commitment to striving for excellence and our clients' satisfaction.”


    A solid partnership that drives growth

    By becoming a HubSpot solutions partner, TurnK has enjoyed key benefits that the group can pass on to its own clients. This collaboration has, in particular, allowed the teams to build up in-depth expertise on HubSpot products. They can now get the most out of the platform's potential, with the goal of meeting their clients' specific needs, and this is kept on track thanks to ongoing training provided by HubSpot's adviser members. As for partner status, this means significant recognition and serves as a quality marker for the company as a whole.

    This expertise has driven the TurnK teams to work across multiple business sectors. Over two years, they have supported everything from start-ups to major companies. Their ability to grow in different areas shows how adaptable they are. It also demonstrates their know-how in troubleshooting specifically for each industry.

    Beyond helping its clients develop, TurnK has seen its own business grow. Its revenue has doubled since 2021. This is due in particular to the fact that it has supported over 50 clients and has seen its generated leads be multiplied by 30.

    TurnK's founder enthusiastically recommends HubSpot's services to professionals: “We believe that HubSpot is a wise choice for companies looking to optimize their marketing, sales, and customer service operations. It's a powerful tool that helps us enhance our growth and our clients' success. For this reason, we strongly recommend it.”

    Also a supporter of HubSpot's partner solutions program, he adds: “We firmly believe that HubSpot is one of the most promising solutions currently on the market, and we have high hopes for this collaboration in the long term.”

    Hubert Mézin
    We at TurnK are proud to be the first company in the world to become a HubSpot Diamond Partner in less than two years. This is a sign of our deep commitment to HubSpot and our drive to offer quality solutions to our clients. Through our close collaboration with HubSpot, we have been able to achieve exceptional success, putting our clients on a fast track towards exponential growth.
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