How to Take Advantage of Your
HubSpot Enterprise Trial

Welcome to your Hubspot Enterprise Trial! Over the next 30 days you’ll receive emails with helpful tips and tutorials to help you take full advantage of the new feature set in your portal. Be sure to play with the features so you can get a sense of the value of the tools. 

Here's a few things you could try: 
  1. Click "Create New Report" and try building an Attributions, Contacts, or Companies Report
  2. Start tracking a specific action or event on your website. 
  3. Create an A/B test for one of your landing pages.
  4. You could also create an A/B test for an upcoming emails

We're here to help as you investigate your trial! 

Your HubSpot Enterprise Resources 

Events-4 Attribution
Contacts-Report-1 Companies-Report-1
ABLanding-Page ABEmails

 Want more? Search for an article in the HubSpot Knowledge Base.