HubSpot vs Marketo

This page details the differences between HubSpot and Marketo. Choosing the right marketing automation platform is critical. We want you to have the best information possible to do so.

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While there are many brands out there, this page will help you understand the differences between HubSpot and Marketo so you can decide which is the right Marketing Automation software for your business.


HubSpot’s Marketing Hub powers growth and innovation through a proven combination of enterprise power and best in class usability. HubSpot is built for businesses that want to grow and mature their strategies, while staying agile enough to adapt to changing markets and customer preferences. You’ll also have the flexibility to customize your tool kit, thanks to HubSpot’s dedication to a free and open ecosystem. HubSpot is ranked #1 in Marketing Automation by G2 Crowd and #1 Overall Best Product for Marketers by G2 Crowd.


Marketo is a single tool that provides email nurturing and automation, and requires costly integrations or other tools to help with marketing, sales, and customer success. In addition, to get the most out of a single email automation tool it requires deep integration with a CRM which needs to be maintained by your team. Marketo is ranked #8 in Marketing Automation by G2 Crowd, and #3 by Gartner.

HubSpot ranked #1 in Best Products for Marketers 2020


"While most marketing automation tools have reached a certain level of parity when it comes to standard features (lead records, social, email marketing, landing pages, etc.) not every company excels in training, best practices, and support. Of all of the tools I've used (Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot), HubSpot clearly focuses on usability and customer retention. It's tailor-made for orgs that want fast ramp-up and ROI and does a fantastic job of making sure that multiple resources exist for whatever question you might have." - Eric C.

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HubSpot ranked #1 in Marketing Automation from Gartner

Gartner Peer Insights

"There are many vendors and products out there, some are very robust, complicated and expensive, typically aimed at large enterprises such as Marketo. These require numerous resources to implement and utilize. However, if you are a ~$500M company with a small marketing department, HubSpot could be the perfect fit for your needs. They have excellent onboarding and customer support. And their sales agents are very thorough and look out for you immediate needs and future growth needs." - Gartner Review

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Marketing Transformation

Investing in a marketing automation platform can transform your business. As the marketing leader it's important to choose tools that deliver power & flexibility, and are easy and delightful for your team to use every day.

To truly transform your marketing you need an integrated set of tools that help you get found, engage and nurture leads, and ultimately tie all your marketing efforts back to ROI. 

In Marketo, you get a limited set of tools that require a specialized developer admin to coordinate and implement. 

In HubSpot, all of this functionality is already built into the product.


Get Found Online With Content, SEO, and Social Media

Create Content That Drives Traffic, Leads, and Customers


HubSpot-CMS-BiglyticsYour website is the foundation of all your marketing, and it's your star salesperson. As a result, it's important to tie all of your content -- across your blog, landing pages, and website pages, to nurturing. This is why at HubSpot, we've made content tools central to our Marketing Hub so you can grow your brand, and get get found online.

Marketo includes the ability to create landing pages, but any moderate customization requires a developer or knowledge of HTML and CSS. In addition, you will need other tools to host your core website and blog.

HubSpot lets teams create content using the tools and technologies that they prefer, with products for both marketers and developers.

HubSpot’s web tools in Marketing Hub make it easy for marketers to create content quickly. Pick from thousands of free templates in HubSpot’s asset marketplace or customize your own in minutes with our drag-and-drop editor. Launch landing pages that look perfect across devices, with smart content that changes based on who’s viewing your page.

For teams looking for more, HubSpot’s CMS Hub takes the pain out of managing your website. Developers can build flexible themes that allow marketers to quickly make edits to their content. All while maintaining security and reliability with a 24/7 security team and out-of-the-box features like enterprise-class web application firewall, SSL, global CDN, SSO, and more.

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 HubSpot Marketo

Website & Content Creation

Landing Pages Only

Mobile Optimized

Requires custom code

Live Chat

Requires additional software

Content Strategy


SEO Optimization

Pop-up Forms & Form Creation

Only Forms, Not Pop-Up Forms

A/B testing


Social Media Monitoring & Publishing


Ad Creation & ROI Analytics


Native Video Hosting & Measurement


Learn more about how you can start creating great content in the Marketing Hub.

Convert & Nurture Leads with Automation

Send Beautiful Email & Engage With Customers Using Marketing Automation

Email & Automation


Nurturing prospects into customers is at the core of every marketing automation tool.  Yet, automation itself has started to evolve beyond just email to take care of the busy work for marketers and connect with customers in new ways.

Because email and automation are two central components to your choice, let’s breakdown some of the core capabilities of HubSpot and Marketo.

Marketo includes core capabilities of marketing automation, such as sending email, but requires integrations with CMS, CRM, and other tools to make the most of. Most integrations will require code to integrate into your applications and can take significant time to setup.

HubSpot is all-in-one marketing software that includes content creation, email, a CRM, and automation in a single platform so all your setup is available visually and doesn't require a single line of code. Whether you're creating just a single email, or a holistic campaign that nurtures prospects into customers -- it's all available in the Marketing Hub.

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 HubSpot Marketo
Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Personalize Email Content

Personalize Email Subject Lines

Email A/B Testing

Email Analytics

Automation Branching Logic

Contact-Based Segmentation

Company-Based Segmentation

Bi-Directional Company Sync with Salesforce

Unidirectional Only

Learn more about how you can start automating beyond just email and all Marketing Automation capabilities in the Marketing Hub.

  • Ethan Griffin
    HubSpot was easy for us to use from the very start. Within two weeks, we had analytics functioning, our social media accounts synced, Salesforce integrated, and landing pages live. With our previous system, we were six months in, and had only sent two emails out. Because HubSpot is easy to use and intuitive, we're able to complete our marketing tasks easily.

    Ethan Giffin


    Groove Commerce

  • Jasmin Lesser
    HubSpot became an asset for our organization. Going into the software, I was able to get all of the support I needed, 24/7. The phone support staff is every helpful, and wants you to succeed. The training programs provided me with all the knowledge I needed to run the software. This program is essentially the heart of our organization, aiding us in all our inbound marketing needs. If you're looking for an all-in-one program, this is the one!

    Jasmin Lesser

    Marketing & Communications Manager

Measure ROI

Measure the performance of your marketing and see how much revenue you're driving


Attribution-Reporting-Sept-2018Measuring your entire funnel is important to making data-driven decisions. From the content you create, to contacts generated, to customers won, having a view of each piece of your funnel will allow you to focus on doing more of what matters -- and less of what doesn't.

Using Marketo you have the ability to get robust reporting from high-level engagement analytics to revenue reporting. The reporting does require manual setup, which can take a significant amount of time.

With HubSpot, all of your analytics are readily available in one place - from top of the funnel performance metrics all the way to multi-touch revenue attribution. With the ability to connect every customer interaction to revenue, you can make strategic decisions rooted in business value. Better yet, since reporting is available out-of-of-the box, no manual integration is required to get started. That’s because HubSpot’s reporting tools are built for real people - not data scientists.

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 HubSpot Marketo
Basic content analytics (sessions, visits, etc.)

Advanced content analytics (attribution, etc.)

Contact analytics

Company analytics

Competitor tracking

Requires additional software

Export/Email reports

Revenue reporting

Revenue Attribution Reporting

Campaign Management


Marketing campaigns fundamentally drive growth, so any marketing automation platform you choose should help you manage campaigns in the way you and your team are organized. Campaign management should not only about help creating marketing assets, but ultimately also reporting on the performance of a campaign.

Marketo has a file structure, similar to the file manager on Windows. This makes it easy to create campaign assets that relate back to a campaign and subsequently clone them if you have a similar campaign in the future.

With HubSpot campaigns include content assets and also reporting. Within HubSpot you can easily create content assets, tie them together in a campaign, report on them holistically, then clone the entire campaign.

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 HubSpot Marketo
Associate content assets with a campaign (landing pages, email, etc.)

Easily clone campaigns and associated assets

Report on overall campaign performance

Total Cost of Ownership

Growth Software Without Any of the Administration Headaches

As you consider marketing automation, the cost of software likely comes to mind. While the cost of the software subscription is certainly a key component to keep in mind, it's not the only cost that you should take into account. Keep in mind any new headcount that will be required as a result, as well as services or implementation fees.

With Marketo most organizations need to hire a dedicated administrator to help manage and streamline the software. This cost of a new hire, along with benefits can add significantly to your total cost of ownership based on average salary's in your area.

With HubSpot we've built growth software for marketers, like yourself. There's no dedicated administrator required, yet all of the powerful features you and your team needs are available right at your fingertips. 

Team & User Management

Team-ManagementThe way each team works, and is organized, can be different. So the tool you choose should help align with your structure and fit the way your team works -- and the way your campaigns and content are developed. 

Marketo has flexible permissions that can work across teams, business units, and product line.

With HubSpot, you can setup teams so that content, contacts, and more are only visible to those responsible. For example if your organized by region you can have your North America marketing team see content and contacts generated for their region, then have your other regional teams across the world only see their data.

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 HubSpot Marketo
Segment content, and contacts by team, business unit, region, or any other dimension

Separate teams by hierarchy

Account-based Marketing

Seamlessly coordinate across sales and marketing to run a powerful ABM program in HubSpot. With ABM properties and templates, company scoring, and out-of-the-box ABM reporting all available in both Sales Hub and Marketing Hub Professional, you can unite your teams around the same data to close more high-value deals - without having to pay extra.

Identify Target Accounts

With HubSpot, you can set up your ABM strategy with ease, with AI-powered recommendations, saved filters, and pre-built automated workflow templates to identify accounts that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP). You can select and tag accounts in your HubSpot CRM or upload new ones.

Marketo offers similar tools for customers to identify target accounts through AI-driven recommendations and automation. Marketo also has a dedicated module within their ABM add-on for users to determine and create their own ICP models.

Attract Key Accounts

With Marketo, customers can use account lists to target named accounts, by industry, location, or company size. A central dashboard provides data on these accounts. An additional paid add-on, LinkedIn Matched Audiences, allows customers to use an Marketo account list as a LinkedIn audience segment.

In HubSpot, company lists, pre-built campaign templates, and deep integrations with LinkedIn and other ads tools, and a unified target accounts dashboard make it easy to manage your ABM strategy within your CRM. And, with access to the broader suite of marketing tools in HubSpot, options abound for customizing your account marketing plans.

Engage Accounts & Deepen Relationships

With HubSpot, collaboration across teams is seamless. With ABM tools available to both Marketing and Sales teams, you can be confident that your team is delivering a consistent, cohesive buying experience to your highest value accounts.  Teams share a unified view of account progress in a target accounts dashboard and can use a native integration to Slack for account-based collaboration, like creating deal-based Slack channels in which account KPIs or notes from HubSpot are automatically shared.

Marketo provides the ability to integrate with your CRM system and other sales tools. However, this means that your sales and marketing teams are operating in different systems and interfaces.

Measure Performance

HubSpot offers out-of-the box features, like company scoring, ABM reporting dashboard templates, that make it easy to adopt a robust measurement plan. With the majority of ABM practitioners using their CRM for reporting, HubSpot’s built-in CRM means you can build, manage, and report on your ABM strategies all from the same place.

Marketo’s notable reporting features include an ABM dashboard, weekly sales report, and a named account dimensions tool that allows customers to measure ROI of specific marketing programs.

Total Cost of Ownership

HubSpot’s ABM tools are included in a Marketing Hub Professional or higher subscription; likewise, they are included in a Sales Hub Professional or higher subscription for paid seats. There is no additional cost or subscription required - all you need to do is opt-in to the features in your HubSpot portal.

Marketo requires customers to pay extra for an ABM-specific add-on.

You'll Grow, We'll Grow With You

Learn why companies that choose HubSpot for Marketing Automation are happy, and more successful.

HubSpot is much more than just software

Choosing a Marketing Automation provider is a crucial decision, so when you make a purchase it's important to consider not only the software, but the support and resources you'll recieve. With HubSpot we're invested in your success. 

  • Free Training & Education - HubSpot Academy resources are available to help you, and your entire team learn best practices and successfully execute campaigns that grow your business - and your career. Take a look at the dozens of courses available and get started today.
  • Support is Available For Your Entire Team - Anytime a member of your user has a question, reach out and say hello. Our support team is happy to help whether it's a question about our software, or advice on how to best execute a campaign.
  • Onboarding - When you start using HubSpot, you'll have a dedicated team help you get started with the software, any technical setup tasks, and execute your first campaign. Learn more about HubSpot onboarding here.
  • Premier Services - If you are looking for consistent team support, we have options available from ongoing consulting to project-based consulting, and even technical help. Learn more about HubSpot services here.

We've built the Marketing Hub to be easy for marketers, and growth professionals to use. That's why we're happy to share reviews of everyday professionals using HubSpot to grow better, just like you.

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HubSpot Classroom Training is designed to be a personalized training experience. By attending these courses, you’ll dedicate one or two days to understanding how the HubSpot tools fit together, learning inbound marketing best practices, and more.

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    Making the decision to go with HubSpot to help YouEarnedIt promote "Happiness at Work" is one of the best business decisions I've made as a marketing professional. The support, training, account management and overall product experience have exceeded my expectations.

    Tim Ryan

    Director of Happiness Marketing



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