Public Affairs in government has changed.

Citizens of all ages now rely on the web as a primary source of research, rendering traditional public affairs efforts like press releases, radio, tv, and print ads less effective. Fortunately, inbound marketing can help public affairs and government communications staff alike to attract and serve citizens in the most cost effective way possible.

HubSpot for Government

HubSpot helps government agencies attract higher quality traffic to their website, convert that website traffic into engaged citizens, and provide citizens with the necessary resources they need.

Whether you are a local, state or federal government agency, HubSpot can help:

Attract Citizens

Optimize new and existing content to attract site traffic and increase program awareness with blogging, microsites, social media, and your agency website.

Strengthen Relationships with Citizens

Engage citizens with customized content unique to their program or policy interests.

Measure Campaign Effectiveness With Unparalleled Accuracy

Use closed-loop analytics that directly attribute engagement to your communications and provide a 360-degree view of a your campaign’s success.

Join Our Success Story

“We are delighted that HubSpot is being used by government agencies to engage citizens and provide taxpayers with improved access to program and policy information.”
"Implementing HubSpot for our government clients provides an easy-to-use foundation for creating a Citizen Centric Journey."
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