HubSpot User Groups Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Potential Leaders

FAQs About Leading a HUG

  • HUGs are a free, valuable and educational virtual meet ups for HubSpot customers to learn about the HubSpot platform and methodologies like inbound marketing and the Flywheel, network and grow better.
    HUG members share their product and business success stories, take part in discussions, and network with other HubSpot customers to build a strong HubSpot community in their local city (e.g. Boston HUG) or around their topic of interest (e.g. Automation & Workflows HUG) .

  • We currently operate a 100% virtual HUGs program through Check it out for over 150 location and topic based user groups all over the world.

  • To run a successful and valuable HUG, the HUG leader should commit about 5 hours per week to maintain the group. This includes updating the HUG website, engaging with members to keep them up to date, planning virtual event content and logistics, and promoting upcoming meetups.

  • HUG Leaders are required to be employed by a HubSpot partner agency and/or be an active HubSpot customer and must be inbound and HubSpot software certified. HUGs are not to be used as a direct method to drive leads or traffic to your website. For more information on who can apply, check out our HUG guidelines.

    HUG Applications open two times per year - you can apply or join our waitlist here

  • Each HUG has a designated leader. However, recruiting volunteers from other HubSpot solutions partner businesses or direct customers to support and co-lead your HUGs can help the leader to share the workload and create a more collaborative event. So that is definitely an option! 

  • HubSpot will help you promote your HUG through a variety of ways, including monthly email sends and our HUG Directory.
    We will also provide you occasional HubSpot speakers and presentation resources to help with quarterly virtual meet-up.

  • No worries! We have topics based HUGs as well as city based groups. So you could consider running a HUG based on a specific skill, interest or industry that you are passionate about, instead of the city. 

If interested in starting a HUG, please fully read the HUG guidelines here to ensure you accept the terms of the program. Please Note: HUG applications are currently closed for 2018. We will revisit any applications received for 2019.