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Wistia + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Using the Wistia + HubSpot Integration, Unbounce brings more leads into HubSpot through their video marketing efforts and using viewing data to drive lead nurturing campaigns

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provides the tools for building custom landing pages to target and convert more of your website traffic, all without the need for developers. Unbounce has powered 250 million conversions for marketers around the world through its mission to connect, educate, and empower marketing teams and agencies to grow their businesses with the best conversion tools.

Hoping to gain more customers through video, Unbounce searched for a way to capture leads and target them with the right information 

Over the last couple of years, Unbounce has been working on their video marketing, knowing that video is one of the key ways to reach their core audience. After increasing their production budget and hiring a videographer, they wanted to reap the benefits of their work. Unbounce needed a better way of converting leads through videos, tying those leads to their nurturing efforts, and demonstrating ROI.

Unbounce had been using Wistia for a few months before purchasing HubSpot. Hosting their videos online allowed them to get basic information from visitors through two-field forms embedded within videos. Additionally, Wistia empowered Unbounce to analyze the performance of their videos and provided more visibility into visitor viewing patterns to understand how people were interacting with their videos. However, Unbounce needed to learn more about the visitors who converted on video content so that those leads could be immediately available for nurturing through their marketing funnel. The integration with HubSpot was perfect for taking their video marketing efforts to the next level.

Using the power of HubSpot to get more out of video conversions

After purchasing HubSpot, Unbounce set up the Wistia integration to get more information in the conversion process and utilize their video data to segment and nurture their contacts. Now, rather than a two-field form, they can use HubSpot forms with customized properties to gather more information from conversions. Unbounce typically uses a four-field form that captures the most relevant information for the first conversion that is specific to their marketing funnel and sales process.


Videos embedded with Wistia using HubSpot forms with customized contact properties

All leads that convert on their Wistia-hosted video content are synced to their HubSpot contacts database and include detailed data on the contact’s viewing patterns, such as seeing what percentage of a video the contact watched and heatmaps of their interactions. For the team, this means that a salesperson knows to set up a demo if a visitor watches three different product videos about a particular feature 75% of the way through.

For example, Unbounce uses Wistia to gate hot content like their CTAConf speaker videos. They collect contact information (with a four-field HubSpot form) after a visitor’s interest has grown about 20% of the way through the video. Then, Unbounce provides follow up content related to the video so that the contact can get more out of the topics they are interested in. As a result, the contact gets the right information delivered to them more efficiently for an improved inbound marketing experience.

The Wistia + HubSpot integration allows us to provide a delightful experience for users while still allowing us to reach our marketing goals by collecting leads. Our content marketing efforts get a huge boost as a result of our marketing automation and video platforms uniting forces through the Wistia + HubSpot integration.

Chelsea Scholz

Marketing Manager


Increase lead generation, target content more effectively, and consolidate tools/metrics

The Wistia + HubSpot integration helps Unbounce collect all the information they need up front so they can move leads along faster in the customer journey. By gathering the right information with HubSpot forms, Unbounce is able to strengthen communication with its customers and target the right content based on viewing data.

HubSpot Contact timeline with video data

Without the Wistia + HubSpot integration, Unbounce would need to add another tool to their workflow to enable them to include a full form in their gated video content. The Wistia + HubSpot integration saves Unbounce many additional hours of analyzing the separate insights from both tools. Now, though, all the information is pulled into HubSpot for easy, consolidated reporting.

The results speak for themselves. In 2016, the CTAConf 2016 speaker recap site had ungated videos; they did not use Wistia or HubSpot. However, in 2017, the Wistia-hosted speaker videos included a four-field form integrated with HubSpot that captured over 600 contacts within the first 30 days. The leads and information gathered have been incredibly valuable to the team for getting in touch with the right prospects for their product.