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How can the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program help you retain clients?

Improve client retention

By offering inbound services, your business is able to clearly articulate the value you bring your client, and enabled to offer repeatable services that keep clients engaged in recurring retainer services.

By the end of the last financial year, we got 80% of our revenue from retainers. This year, we will hit 90%, and that’s a wonderful thing. We can invest in building relationships, and we can invest in training our staff to really understand what works for each client.

Matthew Stibbe


Articulate Marketing

SmartBug Media

Founded in 2007 by Ryan Malone, SmartBug Media is a full-service inbound marketing agency based in Irvine, CA. Before partnering with HubSpot in 2011, the agency relied on project-based work that varied month-to-month with ROI that was difficult and time-consuming to provide using many disparate systems.

Today, it's one of the highest rated agencies in the HubSpot marketplace and recommended by many of their healthcare and technology clients to spearhead marketing growth and success.

  • Saw 16.9X revenue growth over three years.
  • Reached 3-4X profitability of the average agency.
  • Shifted to 83% of revenue from long-term contracts.



After joining the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program:

You don't have to go it alone.

Aside from software, we give you the guidance, support, and training to help your agency and your clients grow and succeed.

Channel Account Manager

Your Channel Account Manager (CAM) is here to help plan for and sell new inbound marketing retainer clients and create a sustainable sales growth strategy.

CAMs are like your own personal sales coach. They are with you every step of the way throughout the sales process.

They can help identify good fit prospects, and will guide you through your first few sales.

Channel Consultant

Your Channel Consultant (CC) is here to help you develop your inbound services retainer and help you execute your first inbound campaign for your clients.

CCs are like your own personal inbound marketing coach and resources.

They will help you expand your services offering, and can answer any of the software questions you may have.

Learn how the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program can help you increase revenue per client, and prove ROI to customers.

One of the most important (and often overlooked) things to concentrate on when growing an agency is retention.

An obsession with bringing in new business is understandable and necessary, to a degree, especially when you’re just starting out. But you need to consider lifetime value right from the start to make sure your growth is sustainable.

Find out more about how to do this through our Solutions Partner Program.